Sigma’s New Premium Professional Kit

Sigma’s New Premium Professional Kit

Sigma’s Premium brush sets now comes with a new professional carrying case. It’s similar to the case used for the Sigma Extravaganza Complete and Face Kit. (See my past reviews of the Extravaganza Kits and Collections.) I’m glad to see that Sigma has started to produce more of these cases because they’re really wonderful! I feel a little like a makeup artist elitist toting around these luxurious brush cases. I hope that Sigma will sell these cases separately (and for an affordable price) eventually.

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The Premium Professional Kit contains 15 unique brushes and nicely complements the Essential Brush Kit. It includes seven face brushes, seven eye brushes, and a lip brush. All brushes are stored in the convenient brush case, which is ideal to protect the Sigma Beauty brush collection. This is the best deal compared to the individual brush purchase, which would cost $49 more.

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