Egg White Blackhead Mask

Egg whites are good for facials because they can temporarily tighten your skin and pores and leave your skin feeling soft and supple. But did you know that egg whites can also be used to remove your blackheads?

natural diy egg white blackhead mask

I have horrible blackheads all over my nose. I sometimes use the Biore Pore Strip, which works, but not very well. One strip won’t do it for me and many strips just seem abrasive and unnecessary. When I have time to spare, I like to use an egg white facial mask. It is all natural, gentle and removes most of my blackheads.

Removing blackheads with an egg white mask is a very time consuming process and can become quite messy if you are not careful. If you don’t add enough layers of egg white or get the drying time right, it will not work. I think it requires some sort of skill actually. Growing up, my mother always applied my mask for me. Even now, I am not as good as she is. I will always opt to have her help if possible.

1. Crack an egg and separate the white and yolk. Place the egg white in a bowl and let it sit for a bit to thicken. (The yolk can be saved for hair treatment or to cook.)
2. Pick up a few cotton swabs (or whatever works for you) and bunch them together to pick up the egg white to slather on your clean face.
3. Generously cover your entire face with the egg white and let it partially dry before adding another layer. Add anywhere from 3-5 layers. Concentrate on problem areas.
4. Use some sort of thin tissue or toilet paper to place over your wet face, leaving room for the eyes, mouth and nostrils.
5. Reapply another layer of egg white on top of your tissue, careful not to let the moisture rip or ruin the tissue on your face.
6. Let your mask fan dry or air dry (doesn’t matter). As it dries, the egg white will tighten your skin and you may feel some discomfort. It’s okay though, because your skin and pores are tightening (temporary effect).
7. After your mask completely dries, peel the mask off. Your blackheads should come off with it.
8. Wash the egg white and tissue residues off of your face and moisturize as usual. I like to use an aloe vera jelly to moisturize afterwards because it feels refreshing.

When trying to make this mask, remember that patience is your best friend. Let a layer dry partially before adding another layer. I have failed many times before succeeding. If you want, you can have a friend try it on you while you lie down. The whole process including drying time may take anywhere from an hour to several hours, depending on how thick your egg white is, how much you apply and how you dry the mask. If you still find blackheads after peeling off your mask, you can always repeat the process. It’s really nonabrasive.

I just peeled off my mask and feel really good right now. I can’t help it but touch my smooth new nose. I just wish I had the time to do this every night.

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  • Just want to let everyone know there is a much easier, faster way to do this…its called knox gelatin. you can probably get it in the baking isle of the grocery store… you just mix one envelope of knox gelatin with a tablespoon of milk- microwave for 12 seconds and put it on your face the same way- without tissue paper. ( do not get it on hair you want to keep!) it dries fast- with in a few minutes and you can just peel it off when its dry. it will feel tight and what not just the same as all these other peels.

  • This post just sent me back to childhood. My stepmom taught us to peel the skin from an eggshell and use that for blackheads (the same way you'd do Biore strips). Then cook your egg! lol

  • I don't know what happened but this mask did not work for me. I tried it twice and even though it made my skin temporarily soft it otherwise was useless. Even though i had tried faulty homemade masks before, i saw all the positive comments and had to try it. Maybe i am the issue though, since it seems to work for everyone else. For anyone reading this as a first-timer i suggest you try it anyways, because blackheads are a pain and you'd be surprised what will work.

  • I just tried this – OMG, so many blackheads came out!
    Things I noticed:
    You really only need a single layer of tissue or toilet paper – the egg white hardens it enough that it doesnt fall apart, I promise!
    The places where the tissue wrinkled, I didn't get as many blackheads off. This was my first time so I don't know for sure but it seems like it works better the smoother you can get it.

  • Be careful, using a mask that pulls out blackheads too often can be really traumatic to your skin, permanently causing scarring and the expansion of pores! (former Biore strip addict here) However, it is satisfying to use this every so often just to get that junk out of your face.

  • beaut

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