Sigma Brushes Coupons and Extravaganza Complete Kit Review, Photos

Sigma Brushes Coupons and Extravaganza Complete Kit Review, Photos

See the complete Sigma Brushes Coupons 2013 for the Extravaganza Brushes.

The Sigma Extravaganza Full Kit ($510, released 12/19/11) is Sigma’s latest makeup brush set and consists of 29 of their most famous, impeccable beauty brushes. The handles are laser engraved with the Sigma logo and the ferrules are plated with 18K gold. The Extravaganza Full Kit is Sigma’s most complete and luxurious brush set til date.

So how are the brushes in this collection and more importantly – are they worth the hefty price tag?

If you are a beauty or makeup collector of any sort, this kit is a dream come true. As much as I love the Sigmax brushes, the Bunny collection, the Essential Kit and all of that, a part of me has always felt incomplete with my brush collection – until the Extravaganza Kit. You see, no matter how much I love a set or collection, I always find myself mixing brushes from different collections to suit my needs. It’s fine of course, except the OCD in me gets upset that my powder brush is blue and full-sized while my eyeshadow brush is pink and travel-sized. No collection has ever felt as complete as this one. Not one.

The Sigma Extravaganza Complete Kit contains 29 brushes: 14 eye brushes, 14 face brushes, and 1 lip brush – every single one plated with 18K gold. Not only that, but the entire collection is encased in a luxurious black, zip casing. You would think the casing were protecting IPads, but no, inside is golden makeup brushes! (Talk about empowerment of the beauty industry.) Take a look of this limitless collection yourself:

It is like a flip book filled with makeup brushes!
How convenient to store all your brushes in one single, luxurious casing!

So many brushes I haven’t even gotten to touch yet.

Flat, round, blending, tapered, they’re all here.

The eye brushes plus my baby lip brush on the corner.

The famous Sigma face brushes are hiding here too.

These brushes are of superb quality. If you are going to invest in one brush set this year, it should probably be this one. The Extravaganza Full Kit is not only extravagant, but absolutely complete. Sure, it’s super pricey, but it is also the best makeup brushes money can buy. If you are a makeup artist or freelancer, toting this luxurious kit around will surely impress your clients, if not get you star status.

If 29 brushes from the Full Kit isn’t enough, see my photos of the Sigma Extravaganza Face Kit. And if you are buying, be sure to use the new Sigma coupon codes.

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