Sigma Beauty Sigmax P88 and F88 (July 11, 2012) Photos & Preview

Sigmax P88 and F88 Brushes
Early preview photo of the Sigmax P88 and F88 to be released July 2012

Sigma is expanding their Sigmax Collection this July 11, 2012. They will be releasing the Sigmax F88 (Flat Angled Kabuki) and the Sigmax P88 (Precision Flat Angled Kabuki). These brushes are angled like the F84 and P84, but flat like the F80 and P80. The best of both worlds? Maybe. Read the Sigmax P88 and F88 reviews here after release date. (Click here to read my previous review of the complete Sigmax Collection, the synthetic essentials kit.)

Sigma Brushes Sigmax P80 Review
The packaging of the Sigmax F88 and P88. (Courtesy of Sigma)

How do you like the new angled flat brushes? Would you like it better than the famous F80?

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