Lime Crime Makeup Aquataenia Palette (July 5, 2012) - Preview and Swatches

Lime Crime Makeup is famous for the vibrant colors of their eyeshadows and lipsticks. The new Aquataenia Mermaid Palette does not besmirch the Lime Crime Cosmetics name. The Aquataenia Palette is so pearlescent that it makes your eyelids sparkle like the sea. The five oceanic shades are loaded with shimmer & glitter particles to create that wet, glistening effect reminiscent of a mermaid's tail under the moonlight. It can be used on eyes or on the cheeks.

This new Lime Crime makeup palette will be released on July 5, 2012. Lime Crime Makeup coupon codes are available here if you are interested. More updates will come on official release day.

Lime Crime Makeup Aquataenia Palette swatches
Nautilus Prime – blurple, Coral of the Story – true coral, Seahorse Discourse – tropical green, Pearl-ple – pearlescent lilac, Atlanteal – seafoam blue/green

Lime Crime Makeup Aquataenia Palette review
This palette comes in Lime Crime Makeup's  familiar purple tin can. ($34.99)


  1. gorgeous colors!
    would loveee to win sigma giftcard! been dying to try out their brushes but it's so expensive for me! Thank you! (:

    twitter: ohitsjenjen

  2. Beautiful palette! The colors are amaging!

  3. og those colors are amazing,I would buy the palette but I'm not sure I use it as a neutral color girl :P

  4. Wow, intense colors. Lime Crime is very innovative and unique, when it comes to their cosmetics.