Sigma Brushes Coupon Codes & Extravaganza Face Kit Photos and Thoughts

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I was very surprised to learn that this Extravaganza Face Kit costs a whopping $210. After opening the package, however, I can see the justification. The casing itself is sturdy, thick, and feels... expensive. The brushes are literally made of gold. Everything about this kit screams luxury. If you're someone with expensive taste, this brush kit is definitely for you. And if you think this kit costs too much, just add up the price of a few MAC brushes and it's quite equivalent. Now imagine if MAC came out with 18K plated brushes. (Can we say unaffordable?) I haven't gotten a chance to use most of these brushes so expect the full review in a few days.
Sigma Extravaganza Face Kit ($210 at

I have also just received the Extravaganza Full Kit (releases December 19th) and I am literally at a lost for words. It is a collector's dream collection. The Sigma Bunny Collection contains my favorite makeup brushes of this year, but no doubt the Extravaganza Full Kit is the best thing that any makeup lover could ask for this holiday season. I'm not kidding at all... If you are only going to get one kit this season, save up for the Extravaganza. You might never need another kit ever again. The Full Kit photos and impressions will be posted today.

More Extravaganza Kit Photos:

This kit comes with a gorgeous faux leather zip casing.

These gold plated brushes are huge.

To see how huge, just compare them with the Sigmax F80.

The Extravaganza brushes are both dense and full!

Gold, gold everywhere!

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  1. This is crazy! Gold brushes? OMG! The day I got money to throw out of the window I know what I'm gonna get! :)If I even dare using them...maybe I'll just use them to display/decorate my

  2. G.
    Haha yea, it's definitely a collector's item rather than an essential.

  3. I am still amazed at the price :)

  4. JoJo,
    yes, I am curious to know the price of the Full Kit now... they are not releasing that for a few days more though =X

  5. I love it! But, its so expensive!!!!! :P