Now Available Online: Sigma Brush Cup Holder

The Sigma Brush Cup Holders are finally available for individual purchase. Retailing at $20 on the Sigma website, these holders only come in black right now.

Since I already have a Make Me Classy set in black, I am waiting on the release of the other colors (which I assume will happen). This release is a total miss for anyone wanting the aqua, coral or purple holder.

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  1. hola me parece super bien la ide para quienes tienen las brochas sueltas ya pueden tener este botesito para guardarlas =)

  2. I just use jumbo sized glasses as holders. I prefer them to be clear so I can see the little brushes that don't stand up above the mouth of the holders.
    But I love this sigma one as it can be a carrier for the brushes when travelling as well :)

  3. Hi,
    Very good brush cup holder.I was waiting this type of holder.
    Thanks for sharing this information.

  4. lilpil,
    I have always wanted to get clear holders, but I never got around to getting them. I didn't want to search for the beads. :D