Sneak Peek: Sigma Beauty Eye Liner Pencils (and Makeup Giveaways)

Sneak Peek: Sigma Beauty Eye Liner Pencils (and Makeup Giveaways)

This 2012 year has been quite successful for Sigma Beauty. They came out with new brushes, makeup (Paris Palette) and skincare products. They are now on their way to opening a new physical store in MN. The 2013 year will be an even more interesting time. For starters, take a sneak peek at my these glorious Sigma Eye Liner Pencils (public released data TBA).

Update. Click here to see the Sigma eyeliner swatches!

Sigma Makeup Eye Liner Pencil

These eye liner pencils will come in many different colors. I hope to see more vibrant colors added soon. These eye liner pencils will be tested for longevity and quality. You can expect great things from Sigma’s new line of makeup. I’ll update you with reviews and pictures when it gets closer to the release date.

Sigma started out selling only Sigma Brushes but has since expanded to include makeup, skincare, and other beauty products. I can foresee a future in which it truly competes with the MAC and other makeup brands.

What do you think? Are you excited to try the new Sigma makeup products?

Click here to enter this month’s Sigma giveaway or see new Sigma coupon codes. I will be giving away a bunch of these eyeliners in future months so check back often! πŸ™‚

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Handmade Reviews is a proud Sigma representative. Displayed eye liner pencil above courtesy of Sigma Beauty and Simone.

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