Sigma Beauty Favorites and Recommendations

Sigma Beauty Favorites and Recommendations

Some of my favorite products from Sigma include (in no particular order): Paris Makeup Palette, Dry’n Shape, F80 Flat Kabuki, Cleansing & Polishing Tool, E25 Blending Brush and Mrs. Bunny Travel Kit!

Sigma Favorite Products of 2012

The Recommended Sigma products:
Paris Makeup Palette – (See swatches and photos here)
Mrs. Bunny Travel Kit – (Read review here)
Dry’n Shape – (Read review here)
Cleansing and Polishing Tool – (Read review here)
F80 Flat Kabuki Brush
E25 Blending Brush
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Back in 2010, I said that the MAC 187 was my favorite brush. Two years later, I realize that the Sigma F80 has long replaced the 187 in my heart. Sigma F80 is much easier to work with and it helps apply foundation so quickly and smoothly. I can easily do makeup in seconds and I have Sigma to thank.

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