Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool Review and Photos

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Sigma Beauty Cleansing and Polishing Tool Reviews
Sigma Beauty Cleansing and Polishing Tool ($39 at
  • The Sigma Beauty Tool is much more affordable than its counterpart electronic cleansing and exfoliation devices.
  • The Sigma Beauty Tool has two different rotation speeds so you do not have to use it in circular motion because it does the rotating for you.
  • It comes with three exchangeable brush heads (with replacement heads on the way).
  • It is water-resistant; can be used carefully in the shower.
  • It removes makeup and cleans wonderfully. I usually use makeup remover, cleanse thoroughly with face wash, and finally use toner to remove the final bits. Now I use makeup remover and cleanse with the Sigma Cleansing and Polish Tool. By the time I get to toner, there is nothing left for the toner to remove.
  • You can easily exfoliate or get into the crevice of the nose or any area. The exfoliation reduces dry patches and brightens the skin! My foundation applies a lot smoother after exfoliating with this tool.
  • The gorgeous tool comes with a very cute case that makes it convenient for traveling.
  • The detachable brushes are very easy to remove and clean.
Sigma Beauty Cleaning and Polishing Kit
Don't forget to get two AA batteries for it.
  • I wish the rotation came in three speeds, or at least one lower speed. I have sensitive skin so I like to use a very, very low speed for optimal control. I end up just using the low speed for a bit and then I go manual. High speed is too much for my face - but I am going to use it for my neck and body.
  • I think the softest brush could still be a little softer for those of us with super sensitive skin. I know they can't cater to every single person, but it would be fantastic if Sigma came out with more brush options. I would definitely buy those! Maybe a super soft brush for baby-sensitive skin or even a super tough brush for those who want to use it to exfoliate rougher parts.
  • Depending on your facial cleanser, a bit of splashing may occur when the tool is set on high speed.
  • At $39, it is a lot cheaper than anything of its kind, but the Sigma Beauty Tool may still be considered expensive by those who cannot utilize all of the brush heads or rotation speeds. If Sigma had a cheaper set option (perhaps with the choice of just one brush head), they might be able to reach a larger audience.
Sigma brush head
The soft brush head.

Overall: If you want the Clarisonic or something similar, consider getting the Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool instead. It is much more affordable, has three exchangeable brush heads instead of one, and has two speeds of rotation. If you have very sensitive skin, a tight budget, and are only looking for a bit of cleansing, you might want to reconsider your options. At $39, this is not expensive for all of its capabilities. In fact, the Sigma Tool is fantastic if you are into the electronic rotation. However, if your skin gets easily irritated by scrubbing or if you prefer manual scrubbing, you can just use a normal exfoliating brush. The Sigma Tool is perfect for people without sensitive skin because they'll get to utilize all the functions. For my skin, I have to stick to the soft brush with minimal use of the low speed rotation. I can occasionally use the medium brush, but the rough brush and high speed are not really an option. Although I don't get to use all of the brushes or rotation speeds in the set, I have been using this tool every time I wash my face.

Comparison Note: Please understand that the optimum benefit of the Clarisonic, Pretika, Cleansing and Polishing Tool, and any similar device is to deep clean thoroughly and perhaps gently exfoliate. The cleaning and exfoliating processes are what makes your skin more vibrant, absorb moisture, fight acne, etc. Clarisonic claims it's Sonic technology does it best, but figure out for yourself what works for you. If you wash your face very well, exfoliate regularly with whatever product you like, and everything works, stick to your regimen! You don't need these tools unless you really want them or find that they improve or supplement your routine.

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Disclaimer: This post contains product(s) sent to me for testing or reviewing consideration. I am neither paid nor compensated for my opinion. As always, my priority is to my readers and I express only my honest opinion in every post.

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  1. yay a real review! i wanted to see other peoples reactions before i invested in this one. most reviews i have been able to find are just promo pictures and descriptions. im glad you like it.

    ill do anything to make my makeup better. buying it right now. wish i could afford the dry n shape too

  2. Wow!!! I would like to try it!!! Sounds great and looks nice!

  3. Thank you for honest review!

  4. I am glad my review was helpful to some of you. Thanks for reading. =)

  5. Thank you for this review. I wanted to hear about how well it is or not. :)

  6. Sorry but there is no comparison between a Clarisonic and the Sigma Cleaning and Polishing product. Clarisonic uses a patented sonic technology to clean (That's why it's an investment). Much like the sonic toothbrush vs. a battery operated toothbrush.

    Neutrogena Wave Sonic and others of that sort are a better comparison.

    A battery operated cleansing device is indeed better than using your hand, but no comparison to a Clarisonic.

    Clarisonic is indeed worth every penny. It's removed a few years off my face and abated several other undesirable facial flaws that come with age.

    If I were younger and didn't have the money to purchase a Clarisonic, this would be a very nice addition to my regimen - but in no way a replacement.

  7. Kristina, I'm glad I was of some help.

    Anne, thanks for your input on the Clarisonic. It's great to have more input for comparison. I used to own the older model Clarisonic myself and from what I have experienced and researched, Clarisonic's most important factor is that it removes makeup well. Six times more than normal, I think, is the claim. This of course helps the skin breathe better and along with the exfoliation of dead skin helps absorb moisturizer and skincare products. In essence, a thorough cleansing of the face (deep pores included) and exfoliation of dead, dry skin is magic behind all of these products. I find that along with my regular regime, the Cleansing and Polishing tool really helps to clean my skin completely. (I also regularly use a deep cleansing mask.) I think that even if I repurchased a new Clarisonic and supplemented it to my routine, it would not change anything much because my skin is already cleaned pretty well. Of course, this can be different for you as not everyone uses a lot of makeup remover and regular face wash every day. If you have the money for the Clarisonic and it works for you, then that is fantastic and you definitely wouldn't need to buy another tool. If, however, you want something that is capable of performing a similar task but not too expensive, I think the Cleansing and Polishing Tool is a good product. That said, I do not yet know the durability of the Cleansing and Polishing Tool. My old Clarisonic did not last very long either - but I am sure the newer model has improved.

    Btw, I have tried Neutrogena Wave Sonic and I have to say I was unimpressed and never liked it as much as the Clarisonic. I actually preferred my Aveeno cleaning pads. I didn't like Neutrogena's foaming pads and it made my sensitive skin dry. :/

  8. I appreciate your open dialogue, Katherine.

    Clarisonic goes deeper than a cleansing tool. That is what I was trying to get across in my post. There is no comparison between the two products. Sigma (who is actually presenting their product in a very favorable manner - makes no comparison to Clarisonic in any way.)

    Clarisonic is:
    Proven to reduce the appearance of photoaging.
    Proven to improve the appearance of skin color.
    Proven to reduce the signs of aging.
    Proven to increase the efficacy of Vitamin C absorption by 61%.

    And other things including cleansing etc etc.

    Many of the studies have appeared in the Journal of American Academic Dermatology.

    That's why I cringe as I am starting to see people compare the two. I firmly believe that the Sigma system is superior to cleansing and exfoliating by hand - that appears how they are marketing it as well.

    The Wave may very well be inferior, I've not tried it. But a comparison of the mechanically based cleansing systems would be a better comparison.

    FYI - I have the PLUS, for about 18 months now - and have dropped it countless times in the shower - it keeps moving right along.

    Thanks for being so open :)

  9. Anne, thank you for the additional information. I had no idea that the Clarisonic was proven to improve the appearance of skin color, which is a very appealing factor to me especially. I am looking into that claim right now. Very interested to know if anyone has had improvements in discoloration or spots as a direct result of the Clarisonic.

    I understand your frustration. I think a lot of comparisons you are reading are related to the cleaning and exfoliating process. As those are the only purpose of the Sigma Tool, I think all comparisons are merely on that level.

    Good to know that it can handle being dropped. I will be sure to update everyone on the durability of the Sigma Tool too. :)

    I really appreciate your thorough comments. I really love having these conversations, as I get to interact with readers and learn about different things pertaining to my interest.

  10. aww I wish its a rechargable :(

  11. kaizokumousy, yes I agree that would have been lovely

  12. Awesome review, already bought it and can't wait for it to arrive!

  13. I didn't know sigma came up with this until i read your blog! thanks for the awesome review!!! 39 is really alot more affordable than clarisonic!

  14. That's a really great post! It's the very first review I've seen about this product. It sounds great, but I think you scared me off a bit by saying how rough the brushes are. I'm not worried about the speed, though. I mean, I have dry and sensitive skin, but not THAT sensitive :/ lol I'd still love to give it a try. I think for the price, it's pretty much unbeatable. Thanks for sharing your honest opinions!

  15. Amy, let me know what you think of it. :)

    breakingrumors, haha Sigma is really venturing out aren't they?

    Huda, the brushes are not that rough as there are 3 different ones: soft, medium and firm. Even the medium brush would be suitable for sensitive skin as long as you're careful.

  16. Is the clarisonic easier on sensitive skin? I just received my sigma cleansing tool and while I do notice a difference in the cleanliness,smoothness and brightness of my skin in the two days that I've used it, it does feel rough on my sensitive skin. Katherine do you feel like your skin is building up a resistance to the harshness of the sigma tool?

  17. Cgliz731,
    I think the Clarisonic was gentler on my skin, but you are right: I am building up a resistance with the Sigma tool. I thought my skin had gotten so used to it that I got brave one day and played with it using the firm brush on high speed. It ended up with my skin feeling a little worked up... but that would have killed my face on the first day. My opinion on this thing only improves as time goes by.

    That said, Sigma is planning a production of a new brush head for super sensitive skin. I am going to buy one when it comes out so I can use the tool more often and perhaps on high speed. I will let you know how I like it!

  18. I completely agree with Anne's comments about this device vs. the Clarisonic. This product and the Clarisonic don't even come CLOSE to comparing! The Clarisonic is the best "skinvestment" you can make. Period. You mentioned that the Clarisonic only vibrates, while the Sigma rotates. If you do some research, you'll find that a rotating device (including the Olay product) actually stretches your skin, which is horrifying to me! I am a young adult looking to keep my skin clear and help prevent aging... Stretching my skin is an absolute no-no! The "vibrating" that the Clarisonic does actually digs deep into your pores to loosen dirt/oil/makeup, brings it to the surface, and washes away. Now THAT'S something I wanted! I've been using my Clarisonic for a year or so now and I can honestly say I hardly ever break out anymore. I will be honest and say that I haven't tried the Sigma or Olay brushes, but I do know they aren't even close to compare to the Clarisonic. Just remember: You get what you pay for. These other cheap devices will break on you (I've read reviews on the Olay where it has stopped working just a few weeks after purchase). Just take my word for it - GO WITH THE CLARISONIC!

  19. Hi Anon,
    Thanks for your honest comment. Perhaps a direct comparison between the two is the problem here because the Clarisonic is a high end cleanser whereas the Sigma Tool acts as more of an exfoliator and brightener. I make no claims that one is a replacement for the other, but state that the Sigma is a vial option for those who cannot afford the more expensive tool.

    I still stand by the fact that no tools are necessary when accompanied by a good skincare cleansing regime. A good makeup remover, facial cleanser, pH balancing toner, and frequent AHA exfoliation to rid of dead skin cells beats out any electronic device stripping the skin. I meet a good deal of makeup artists and aestheticians in my job and most claim that these tools (Clarisonic included) are unnecessary and perhaps overrated.

  20. I agree with Katherine's last comment. I think women think more expensive = better, when really they are victims of a marketer's dream. If it makes you feel better and gives you more confidence that's one thing, but no tool is a miracle worker, hence, why plastic surgeons do billions a year and will continue to do so.

  21. Anon,
    I agree that expensive isn't always better, just sometimes. :)

  22. I've been using the sigma tool for almost a month now... I've NEVER tried the clarisonic and any other tools, so I can only speak for this experience :) I like it a lot! My skin apearence has improved a lot (i use it everyday!) Very satisfied my now... and I don't consider it a big investment (since I'm using it everyday).
    That said, i'm still curious about the clarisonic... maybe someday ;)

  23. Raquel,
    True, if I had the disposable income, I would try everything!