Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool Review and Photos

Is the Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool is comparable to the Clarisonic or Clarisonic Mia? There are many similarities, but some major differences. Read our review and decide for yourself.

Sigma Beauty Cleansing and Polishing Tool Reviews

Sigma Beauty Cleansing and Polishing Tool ($39 at

Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool Pros:
  • The Sigma Beauty Tool is much more affordable than its counterpart electronic cleansing and exfoliation devices.
  • The Sigma Beauty Tool has two different rotation speeds so you do not have to use it in circular motion because it does the rotating for you.
  • It comes with three exchangeable brush heads (with replacement heads on the way).
  • It is water-resistant; can be used carefully in the shower.
  • It removes makeup and cleans wonderfully. I usually use makeup remover, cleanse thoroughly with face wash, and finally use toner to remove the final bits. Now I use makeup remover and cleanse with the Sigma Cleansing and Polish Tool. By the time I get to toner, there is nothing left for the toner to remove.
  • You can easily exfoliate or get into the crevice of the nose or any area. The exfoliation reduces dry patches and brightens the skin! My foundation applies a lot smoother after exfoliating with this tool.
  • The gorgeous tool comes with a very cute case that makes it convenient for traveling.
  • The detachable brushes are very easy to remove and clean.
Sigma Beauty Cleaning and Polishing Kit

Don’t forget to get two AA batteries for it.


  • I wish the rotation came in three speeds, or at least one lower speed. I have sensitive skin so I like to use a very, very low speed for optimal control. I end up just using the low speed for a bit and then I go manual. High speed is too much for my face – but I am going to use it for my neck and body.
  • I think the softest brush could still be a little softer for those of us with super sensitive skin. I know they can’t cater to every single person, but it would be fantastic if Sigma came out with more brush options. I would definitely buy those! Maybe a super soft brush for baby-sensitive skin or even a super tough brush for those who want to use it to exfoliate rougher parts.
  • Depending on your facial cleanser, a bit of splashing may occur when the tool is set on high speed.
  • At $39, it is a lot cheaper than anything of its kind, but the Sigma Beauty Tool may still be considered expensive by those who cannot utilize all of the brush heads or rotation speeds. If Sigma had a cheaper set option (perhaps with the choice of just one brush head), they might be able to reach a larger audience.
Sigma brush head

The soft brush head is relatively soft, but could be softer still…

Overall: If you want the Clarisonic or something similar, consider getting the Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool instead. It is much more affordable, has three exchangeable brush heads instead of one, and has two speeds of rotation. If you have very sensitive skin, a tight budget, and are only looking for a bit of cleansing, you might want to reconsider your options. At $39, this is not expensive for all of its capabilities. In fact, the Sigma Tool is fantastic if you are into the electronic rotation. However, if your skin gets easily irritated by scrubbing or if you prefer manual scrubbing, you can just use a normal exfoliating brush. The Sigma Tool is perfect for people without sensitive skin because they’ll get to utilize all the functions. For my skin, I have to stick to the soft brush with minimal use of the low speed rotation. I can occasionally use the medium brush, but the rough brush and high speed are not really an option. Although I don’t get to use all of the brushes or rotation speeds in the set, I have been using this tool every time I wash my face.

Comparison Note: Please understand that the optimum benefit of the Clarisonic, Pretika, Cleansing and Polishing Tool (discontinued), and any similar device is to deep clean thoroughly and perhaps gently exfoliate. The cleaning and exfoliating processes are what makes your skin more vibrant, absorb moisture, fight acne, etc. Clarisonic claims it’s Sonic technology does it best, but figure out for yourself what works for you. If you wash your face very well, exfoliate regularly with whatever product you like, and everything works, stick to your regimen! You don’t need these tools unless you really want them or find that they improve or supplement your routine.

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