Sigma Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit – July 23, 2012

Sigma Expert Brow Design Kit Review
Sigma Expert Brow Design Kit

Sigma Beauty plans to release their Sigma Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit, a 15-brow-essentials-in-1 set on Monday, July 23rd, 2012. The kit will retail for $69. The kit includes give different brow powders, a duo brow gel, two duo brow pencils, a duo brow brush, scissors, tweezers, brow stencils and a sharpener. The entire kit is contained in a convenient, portable box with a mirror. It is lightweight and easy for travel.

Sigma also plans to expand their best selling Sigmax Collection. The synthetic fibers will remain the same (thank goodness), but the shape and designs will be completely original. Watch this space for exclusive news, photos, reviews and updates!

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Sigma Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit Review
Tiffany applies makeup at IMATS LA using Sigma brushes, eyeshadows and the new Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit.
Sigma Brow Kit Price
Sigma Beauty Expert Brow Designs: IMATS gifts for VIPs (courtesy of Sigma)

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