Beauty Blog Coalition

Joining the Beauty Blog Coalition
I've recently become a member of the Beauty Blog Coalition, a blogger group I have wanted to join for so long but didn't quite know how to apply for. The members are a bunch of really amazing beauty bloggers who are wonderfully kind, helpful and innovative. I have been a part of many blogger groups, but never one with such amazing support and response. I hope you will take the time to enjoy the link roundups below and visit a few blogs to read posts that interest you.

P.S. I know I am a little late on my post today so I am extending the June giveaway to Monday so everyone can get their entries in. Good luck and thanks for the support!


  1. I love Pink Sith! Funniest blogger!

    1. Yes, she's well loved for her personality!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, these blogs are really great!