Karuna Brightening Treatment Mask, Euro 2012 Final

I am watching the Euro 2012 final between Spain and Italy right now and I am super excited! (Though I am fairly certain Spain will win.) Watching ESPN happily while lying on my coach with laptop by my side, I pamper myself with the Karuna Brightening Treatment Mask. That's my perfect Sunday.

Karuna Brightening Treatment Mask Review
Karuna Brightening Treatment Mask 
The Karuna Brightening Treatment Mask is by far the best cloth mask that I've ever tried (and I've reviewed quite a few cloth masks on this blog). The cloth is thin and adheres to the face very well. It holds more serum and liquid than most masks despite it's sheerness. Apparently the fiber cloth is a special, all-natural fiber that retains 50% more moisture than its synthetic counterpart, allowing pores to fully dilate and drink in the beneficial ingredients. I started this mask shortly after the Euro Final began. I just watched Spain score their 4th goal against Italy and this mask is still moist and cool! That's at least over an hour of intense moisture. 

Handmade Reviews Karuna Brightening Treatment Mask Review
Karuna Mask is thin and light but packed full of serum!

My favorite thing about this mask - by far - is that it iscut normally. Notice that the eyes, nose and mouth area look so normal and the mask fits just right... I know that doesn't sound too impressive, but if you're a regular cloth mask wearer, you'll know that none of them ever fit correctly. The nose area always hangs over my nostril, my mouth is always covered, my eyes are half covered, etc. The fit of this Karuna mask is so, so good I could almost pack it for a plane ride.

Did I mention the mask is paraben-free? I am not nit picky about parabens, but I like to avoid them whenever possible just to stay on the safe side. I have never seen a paraben-free cloth mask before this one and am really glad to encounter it. The Karuna Brightening Treatment Mask is more expensive than the common box masks you can order directly from Korea and Taiwan, but the quality is definitely superb. I wouldn't use these daily, just because they cost $28 for 4 (or $7 a piece). A once a week treatment with these things would be wonderful though!

Karuna Brightening Treatment Mask Review Handmade Reviews
Grapefruit Seed Extract deflects environmental toxins from the skin, while rare Asian plant extracts help to create a fresher-looking, smoother-feeling complexion.All Karuna masks contain a custom blended Beauty Boost. Plant extracts, peptides and anti-oxidants bring care and compassion to all skin types with a feeling of hydration, nourishment and renewal.

What more can I add to better pampering face masks and a good soccer game? How about some slightly sweetened homemade artichoke tea? It doesn't sound too delicious, but I promise you it is. Just boil some artichokes for a few hours, extract the liquids, and add just a bit of sweetener. It's yummy and really good for you!

Artichoke Tea Benefits
Homemade artichoke tea to end the day.

Did I mention I have tickets to see Real Madrid play in August? I get super excited whenever they come to the States and I go out of my way to buy the best seats possible. Unfortunately, I couldn't get front row seats or anything this time. I got a really good midfield seat on the 9 row though. Can't wait!

The Karuna Brightening Treatment Mask, along with many other types of masks, can be purchased on karunaskin.com.

P.S. I've closed entries for the June giveaway. Please read the update here.
Disclosure: The Karuna Brightening Treatment Mask is a press sample given for review consideration.


  1. Never heard of artichoke tea before but it looks pleasant, especially with the facial mask!

    1. It's delicious - especially with some honey!

  2. A delightful Sunday, indeed.

    1. Yes, the most pleasant of my days!

  3. I love face masks! This one sounds delightful and it's way affordable for me!