TRESemmé Split Remedy: Bliss in a Bottle!

There are few things in this world less pleasant than split ends. Formally known as Trichoptilosis, split ends is the fraying of the hair-shaft mostly due to thermal, chemical or mechanical stress. When the fraying of the hair is few or mild, a trim can be useful to get rid of the split and damaged hairs. But what do you do when most of your hair is damaged or the split runs closer to the hair roots than the actual ends? Chopping all of your hair off may be one solution, but there are others.

TRESemme Split Remedy Review

No potion can magically mend the ends of hair that have physically split apart, but some things can minimize the appearance of split ends and help the split hair stay sealed or closely bounded. The TRESemmé Split Remedy Serum works to reduce the appearance of split ends by smoothing the damaged ends to help them stay together for a frizz-free and healthy appearance. It takes away the frizz without adding grease and oil.

Gentle maintenance of the hair is also important to prevent further damage and splitting of the hair. The TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo is a light, moisturizing shampoo formula that gently cleanses and strengthens the hair to keep it healthy and manageable. TRESemmé shampoos are usually great, but this one tops it as it leaves hair silky and clean without the rough residue. Add the TRESemmé Split Remedy Conditioner to the routine to restore healthy hair and protect it from further damage.

Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo Review

If the hair is damaged beyond repair, try something like the TRESemmé Split Remedy Conditioning Treatment to restore the necessary moisture. Regular hair conditioning treatments are important for optimal hair health and are especially important if the hair is under stress.

Perhaps the best way to cure split ends is to avoid it altogether. But how does one avoid split ends? Do not apply too much heat to your hair. If you must use heat, apply a thermal protector beforehand. Do not brush your hair while it is wet because wet hair is too easily damaged. To prevent hair damage and split ends, comb the hair lightly and use something like the TRESemmé Split Remedy Conditioning Spray to loosen the knots and ease the process. The Conditioning Spray is a lightweight leave-in conditioner that helps detangle wet hair. It helps to prevent split ends by making wet hair more manageable and easier to comb through. Thus it prevents the combing process from breaking and splitting the hair shaft.

NEW Split Remedy, from TRESemmé, repairs up to 80% of split ends in just three uses. And with continued use, repairs further damage as it occurs.

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  1. I use TRESemme products and love them.

  2. I've been wanting to try this, i have a ton of split ends!
    would loveee to win sigma giftcard! been dying to try out their brushes but it's so expensive for me! Thank you! (:

    twitter: ohitsjenjen

    1. Everyone seems to have split ends nowadays! :)

  3. I currently using the shampoo and leave in conditioner and I like them both :)

  4. I should check this out because lately my hair tend to split :(

  5. Really it is blessing for us. It is very sweet product, I think. Good post.