A New Direction for Handmade Reviews

A New Direction for Handmade Reviews

I started Handmade Reviews in 2010 with the intent of making it a personal lifestyle blog that would loosely focus on health, beauty, fashion and blogging. As time went by, I found myself writing more and more beauty and cosmetic product reviews. I eventually decided to turn Handmade Reviews into a pure beauty blog. Having a blog with a specific, narrow topic meant that I could get to know my audience better. It also meant that I would become a part of the tight-knit beauty blogging community. It has been good. So good. I have developed relationships with a lot of great people, bloggers and readers alike. But despite how great everything has been, I believe that some changes are now necessary for this blog to continue.

Even though Handmade Reviews has been labeled as a “beauty blog” for the past two years, it hasn’t been that wholly. And despite the fact that I’ve been calling myself a “beauty blogger” for the past years, I am not one. Not truly and wholeheartedly. From time to time, I find myself wanting to write style posts or posts about household items, health, homes, life, blogging, etc. And I do write them, but guiltily so. I’ve gained a good following of readers throughout the years. Most readers subscribe for beauty posts, so I feel incline to write only those.

At this point in my life, however, I feel so much passion for other things in life that I can’t bare to omit them in my blogging any longer. I want to explore not only beauty, but the aspects of beauty blogging, fashion blogging, or just dining and wining in general. I understand that I can always start a new blog for my other interests, but this blog is a representation of me. It should reflect my passion. And starting today, it will.

This does not mean that I will not continue writing about beauty. I will continue to write as I have always written. It’s just that I will probably be writing more – and about a lot more things.

P.S. I am not about to bombard you with posts on my outfit of the day, blogging tips, household product reviews or anything like that. Far from it. I actually haven’t planned for any posts but beauty-related ones. As you must have noticed, I’ve been very behind in my writing. I’ve promised a lot of reviews that have not yet appeared. Please be patient with me. I have a lot of posts planned and I will definitely produce them. I just want to write this post so readers aren’t surprised once I start yammering about Italian fashion or something.

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