My $25 Sydney Evan Love Ring

My $25 Sydney Evan Love Ring

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know my obsession with the Sydney Evan Love Ring, which is priced at nearly a thousand dollars. There’s no way I could afford a real diamond ring on my current income, but I’ve found a good, cheap dupe over at Stanton James. It isn’t quite at delicate and doesn’t have any of the diamonds… but it’ll make do for now.

Sydney Evan Love Ring Dupe
My new Stanton James Lush Jewelry Love Ring (plus a new mug!)

I bought a size 5, which is usually good for my ring finger, but this ring is loose even on my middle finger. If you’re interested, remember to size down!
Sydney Evan Love Ring
The real Sydney Evan Love Ring (via thecurrentcustom)
I’ve considered buying very small crystals to glue on my ring, but I can’t seem to find anything that small, short of real diamonds – which totally defeats the purpose. I’d probably want to buy a smaller ring first anyway.
And in case you’re worried, don’t be. I won’t be Instagram-ing up the place. I just got a new iPhone for Christmas and am a little Instagram-trigger friendly today, but in the future I’ll reserve these types of photos for Twitter. I have to say, I do love that Instagram can make photos taken with poor, dark lighting look good. πŸ™‚
Update: I found the perfect Sydney Evan ring dupe! Click here to read more.

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