Sugar Bean Love Ring – Sydney Evan Perfect Dupe

I know that I must bore you with my obsession with the Sydney Evan Love Ring. The truth is that I cannot bring myself to pay $700+ for a tiny little gold ring with tiny specks of diamonds. It just isn’t worth it in my book. I’ve searched far and wide for a Sydney Evan dupe. I found temporary solutions (see my Stanton James $25 dupe ring), but none of those wired rings were nearly good enough. No true dupe existed – until now.

Sydney Evan Love Ring Dupe
Sugar Bean Love Ring (via Boutique to You)
The best part is the Sugar Bean Love Ring comes yellow gold, white gold and rose gold! It’s so perfect and costs just $60 (that’s less than 10% of the real Sydney Evan). Unfortunately, and this is a huge unfortunately, the ring seems to be sold out everywhere. I saw this ring a while back but decided to wait until they stocked it in a size 5. Now I can’t even land my hand on a 6 or 7. If anyone knows where I can get this ring, please do tell!

Sydney Evan Love Ring Dupe
Rihanna wearing the Sugar Bean Love Ring!
Sydney Evan Love Ring Alternative Dupe
Authentic Sydney Evan Love Ring (via thecurrentcustom)

Update: I bought myself a Sugar Bean Love Ring. Read about it here.

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