Take That, Second Day Hair: Retro Revival Shower Cap

January 2012 Code If you've been reading Handmade Reviews for long, you'll know my love-hate relationship with my hair. As much as I would love to be able to wash my hair everyday, it's way too dry and damaged to take the stress of daily washing. I usually just tie my hair in a bun every other day to avoid getting it wet in the shower or bath. It usually ends up getting wet anyway, but I don't let it bother me since I'm already pretty unhappy on days that I don't get to wash my overly flat, volume-less hair. Then comes along the cutest shower cap to make the annoyance a lot less annoying. I'm kind of glad I don't get to wash my hair every day now. What other chance do I get to wear this adorable cap?
Retro Revival Shower Cap
Retro Revival Shower Cap in Dotsie

Retro Revival is an online boutique offering beautiful, retro-inspired bath and kitchen accessories. Their retro-inspired, women's waterproof, washable shower caps are both charming, chic and provide a stylish and comfortable way to keep your tresses dry and frizz-free while you bathe. They are oversized to accommodate even the longest locks, lined with rip-proof, non-pvc nylon and covered in delightfully fun cotton that has been pre-washed to avoid shrinkage.

Retro Revival Shower Cap Dotsie
This cap features white polka dots on a black background cotton fabric that has been pre-washed to avoid shrinkage. Cap is trimmed in hot pink and finished with a coordinating grossgrain ribbon. (Excuse the blah face. I'm literally seconds from jumping into the shower with my cute new shower cap!)

Retro Revival Shower Cap Review
The tightness of the cap is perfect to hold hair in without putting pressure on my head. My hair stayed completely dry and intact during my shower. And who can resist the hot pink?

I love the retro-inspired designs by Retro Revival. It's so chic I almost wish I could wear it out. In fact, I was wearing it around the house after my shower yesterday when my brother asked me about my "strange hat." When I told him it was a shower cap, he laughed and complimented it. (Oh, boys.) That said, it would make an interesting bonnet wouldn't it? ;)

What's your take on retro designs?

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  1. that's seriously so cute! you can probably use that to keep your hair from your face when applying makeup too!

  2. Oh, I do! I keep it on after my shower and do all sorts of things in it. :) I only take it off when it gets time to do my hair!

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  4. Yea, they have so many adorable handmade items :)

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  7. Awesome review! I've purchased a shower cap from there for a friend and never thought about getting one for me. Figured I didn't need it -- I usually wash my hair daily :( but after reading your review I can see how it just might come in handy -- maybe I could use it as a sleep bonnet!

    Replaced previous comment with my typo's correct :)