Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Sigma Coupon January 2012 Happy New Year everyone! I wish everyone a happy, lively and healthy 2012. What are your New Year resolutions? I know I tend not to keep my resolutions all year, but it helps for at least a month if I make them. I don’t have high hopes – just some. *crosses fingers* I hope to work out regularly, consume less junk food and alcohol, and spend less money on things I do not need.

Psst: I recently downloaded Nike Training, a free workout app for my iPhone. I’ve been loving it like crazy! It’s a must try!

Giveaway Updates: Julep Maven Giveaway and Sigma December 2011 Giveaway has ended. The winners will be announced in a few days. The new January 2012 giveaway will be up very soon!
Sigma Coupon 2012: The new February 2012 coupons have been posted on the Sigma Coupon page.

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