On not becoming a makeup hoarder

As much as I love to shop and spend money on things I don’t necessarily need, I’m not as much of a hoarder as I may lead you to believe. I try to use things up – or if not, give them away. I have relatives and friends that are more than willing to take up any beauty products I may not use – and I am more than happy to let go. That said, I have a very difficult time giving up things that I love; and being a beauty blogger, I tend to love a lot of things.

Makeup Hoarding
In the past month, I’ve been very adamant about tossing away expired makeup, using up skincare products, not leaving just that bit of orange juice at the bottom of the container, etc. For the most part, things have worked out well: I am now in less danger of makeup poisoning, I’ve learned to regularly hydrate and take care of my skin, and my family is a lot less disappointed when opening the fridge. All said and done, I am still unhappy with the enormous about of makeup I tote around. Do I constantly need three bronzers, four blushers,  and several shades of pinky nude lipstick? No, I certainly don’t. And here’s where my 2012 resolution comes into play.
My problem is that:
I have too many makeup and beauty products I can’t use up or won’t give up. I keep buying more. I keep spending more. I have too much stuff. My bag is too heavy and most of my makeup is going to expire before I even get to use them.

2012 Beauty


What I am going to do about it:
I am going to use up all of my favorite makeup before I buy any new ones this year. Some items are easier to handle than others. My Nvey concealer has already hit pan and my MAC Creme d’nude lipstick is on its final leg. But how can I ever finish up my MAC MSF of Becca blusher? I’m going to give it my best try. And if I can’t defeat my desire to splurge before emptying the pans… I’ll have to learn to share and give them away for good.
2012 Makeup


So what’s the plan?
I am reducing my makeup bag. I am tossing in my all products to use up in one convenient, reasonably sized makeup bag. Everything else will go into storage. Sure, I’ll dig into that supply for special events and particularly needy days, but for daily uses, I will only use things in my little makeup bag. That way, I’ll be sure to use up the makeup items that have been sitting around for years, waiting to cleared and loved.
Makeup hoarder 2012


Anyone with a resolution involving beauty/makeup? My other resolutions this year involve staying healthy, working out and all of that good stuff, but I’m less convinced I’ll be able to pull those off for long.