Are Heelys Really for Adults?

Ahh, Heelys. I can almost remember the day their first commercial aired. I remember how badly I wanted a pair, but was denied of them completely. A few weeks ago I was offered the chance to test the Heelys - and I gladly took the offer. Never too late to live out your childhood dreams, right? Maybe.

As hard as I have tried, I couldn't for the sake of me get these black and bright pink Heelys to work. I know they are pushing Heelys for adults now, but the obvious branded Heelys logo makes it difficult for a twenty-something year old to sport the shoes around. I can't justify wearing them - except to the yard to have some fun or to a friendly family barbecue. If Heelys ever decide to downplay their logo, I can see myself popping the wheels in for a roll about and then out again to wear as regular sneakers. In its current form, I would not buy these Heelys for myself, let alone another adult. They are difficult to maneuver and just not quite worth the hassle.

It's a completely different story for the little kids, however. My little cousins and nieces are quite jealous of the newly acquired Heelys. I only wish I had opted to receive them in a smaller size so the kids can have some fun with them instead. Who knows, maybe they will each get a pair for Christmas. If I were half my current age, I would probably be sporting these around town.

Bottom line is that I don't recommend getting Heelys for your adult friends unless you know for certain that they want them. For the little kids, why not have a little fun?

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  1. I guess Heelys would be useful to those who walk to work, but if you work in the city, I think it would be difficult to maneuver around other people in those shoes.

    They also remind me of roller skates, so I guess they're more for family events, such as going to the park.

  2. Joyce,
    Haha, they are actually a little difficult to speed up in... but that is probably just me.

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    Yep, I think I would want a pair. :)

  6. I think those kind of toys are exclusively for for kids