Sigma Eyeshadow Palettes in Bare, Dare, and Flare Review and Coupon

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This is a review of the Sigma Eyeshadow Palettes. Click here to see the swatches.

Bare: As a wearer of neutral shades, I naturally gravitate towards the Bare palette. Bare is Sigma's neutral palette with 4 mattes and 4 shimmers. I like having both a glitter and a matte black, but I kind of wish there were room for another matte brown shade. Hitch leans towards gray when applied, so I'm missing that fantastic brown crease color here. The glitters in Shine can be chunky, so I will be willing to forgo it in exchange for a matte brown or gold tone shadow. I love that there are equal amounts of shimmers and mattes in the palette. A big problem I personally have with UD Naked palette is that there are way too many shimmers.

Dare: I don't really understand the color choice here. The Dare palette makes for a wonderful sunset look, but I don't see much practical use in the palette alone. The light shimmers in this palette are similar and can make good highlight colors. The darker shadows, while striking and bold, can be difficult to wear often.

Flare: Flare is my favorite of the three palettes. I can use it to make a neutral or an exciting look. This would be the palette to tote around on vacation. Bare has my favorite normal colors but is not neutral and work-ready enough for me as a whole palette, so to have a little fun, I would pick Flare. Does anyone else think the red/fiery palette should have been named Flare?

Sigma Eyeshadow Palettes in Bare, Dare, and Flare
Reviewed by Katherine on July 05 2011
Pigmentation: The pigmentation is great for the most part. A few colors (such as Shadow) does not show up as dark as in the palette, but that is to be expected. The lighter shadows are generally more pigmented than the darker ones. You can click here to see my full swatches of the palettes4/5
Lasting Power: There is no fallout on most of the eyeshadows; with minimal fallout after a few hours on the big glitters like Shine. Overall, these shadows have very impressive staying power and stay on my eyelids all day without a primer. (I have non-oily lids and rarely use primers.) Honestly, the staying power is comparable to the higher ends and much better than most drugstore eyeshadows. 5/5
Packaging: I know that eyeshadows snapping in and out may have been a problem with Sigma's last eyeshadow collection, but perhaps a magnetic snap or something similar would do well here. I like the eyeshadows, but would love to design the palette to suit my own traveling needs. The packaging is sturdy, but quite bulky and heavy. I would never want to carry all three palettes around. Interchangeable eyeshadows would really come in handy. 3.5/5
Value: These palettes are not sold at a drugstore price, but they certainly are more than drugstore quality. The duo brush that comes with the kit definitely makes it an excellent deal. (Each brush is sold for $9.) If you use the coupon from the Sigma coupon page, each palette will cost only $31.50. It would end up costing about $4 per 1.5 g eyeshadow plus a free duo ended brush. 4/5
Overall: Although I purchased an extra set, I only recommend getting your favorite. 4/5

How does the Sigma Bare Palette live up to the Urban Decay Naked Palette? The Naked Palette is an excellent neutral set, so if you like lots of glitters and shine, I would definitely recommend it. If you don't like that super glittery look, the Sigma Bare Palette would be the better choice.

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Disclosure: This post contains product(s) sent to me for testing or reviewing consideration. I am neither paid nor compensated for my opinion. As always, my priority is to my readers and I express only my honest opinion in every post.

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  1. thank you for the honest review!!!

  2. Great, good to know! I haven't purchased any of these palettes yet but I am thinking it looks awfully bulky. I also appreciate your honest review. I think that Sigma could probably do better in their next go-around. And YES!! I TOTALLY think that the warmer palette should be Flare!

  3. Jenn,
    Yes, I think Sigma will try to reduce the size soon with the feedback they've been getting. :) Otherwise, I do like the shadows and have bought another set myself. Haha, I always see the reds and oranges and think Flare!

  4. Copycat,
    Was happy to write it :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I got my Bare 2day...
    For me, only con is mess in the inner side of palette after using it... it's horrible!
    If I compare it 2 my TooFaced palettes, even including shipping it's still cheaper 2 buy Sigma palette, than going 2 Sephora and getting TooFaced palette..
    So far, so good (Bare palete). :)

    I'm just not sure about Dare pallete as well..somehow I don't find it wearable on daily basis.. :)

    Thanx 4 the review!

  7. Great, honest review! I'll look int flare! thanks xx

  8. TheChloee,
    I agree completely. Dare is difficult to wear. Bare and Flare remain my favorite. I wouldn't really recommend Dare unless the colors are really you.

    There are some other good reviews around. Be sure to look into it before purchasing. :)

  9. Great honest review. I'd like to know more about the brushes since I don't have any Sigma brushes.

  10. MarciaF,
    I love to share new information. :) I am in the process of buying different brushes to compare.