MuLondon Organic Lavender Moisturizer Review and Photos

MuLondon Organic Lavender Face Moisturizer (60 mL)

MuLondon is a UK based business that sells natural organic skincare. Their products are handmade, all natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, mild, concentrated and without preservatives. I was so excited when Boris, the founder, gave me an opportunity to try it. I have been suffering from some serious case of dry-face.

Coolest moisturizer ever in terms of texture.

The moisturizer appears thick because it is super concentrated (no added water). I actually thought it resembled candle wax when I first opened the jar. Fear not though, the lotion easily melts into your skin. It is super moisturizing and smells lightly refreshing.

Certified organic ingredients

I chose the Organic Lavendar moisturizer because I have sensitive skin and it's perfect for it. I only have to use a pea sized amount to feel moisturized for hours. I love that it is so concentrated!

Now for a little comparison and rant:

MuLondon Organic Lavender Moisturizer vs. LUSH Vanishing Cream

I paid $40+ for the LUSH Vanishing Cream last month and became a very unhappy girl. The Vanishing Cream is an okay light moisturizer for the face - but it is barely worth even $10. I did not realize until after I bought it that LUSH uses all sorts of parabens in their lotions. The smell of Vanishing Cream is also nothing to write home about - especially since perfume is one of the ingredients!

Vanishing Cream is really watered down.

MuLondon Organic Lavender Moisturizer is much more affordable (a quarter of the price), more concentrated and effective, smells better and is all natural and free of preservatives.

Left: MuLondon, although concentrated, melts right into my skin. Right: LUSH Vanishing Cream

To top it all off, the shelf life of the natural, organic MuLondon moisturizer is just as good as the the preservative-filled Lush cream. My theory is that Lush has to use preservatives to keep bacteria from growing in their products because their lotions contain such high amounts of moist water (second ingredient), which attracts bacteria. The MuLondon moisturizer is completely undiluted - so preservatives aren't a necessity. Just a theory because I'm no lotion expert.

Here you can see the before and after MuLondon Moisturizer. I accidentally over-applied so it appears oily at first, but it quickly sank in and plumped up my skin. Remember that the smallest amount will do the job.

You can order MuLondon moisturizers from the MuLondon website. A 60 mL bottle sells for £13 whereas a 30 mL bottle sells for only £7. They ship internationally - to which I am most grateful. I definitely recommend this. I think I will order the Rose or White Chocolate Truffle (yum!) moisturizer whenever I am done with this one. What do you think? Have you ever tried a MuLondon moisturizer? If so, which one would you recommend?

Disclaimer: This post contains product(s) sent to me for testing or reviewing consideration. I am neither paid nor compensated for my opinion. My priority is to my readers and I express only my honest opinion in everything I write.


  1. Ooooh I love love LOVE this moisturizer! My favorite is the rose one, it's just perfect!

  2. Gaby,
    Thanks :) I am definitely going to get Rose now!

  3. Oh Katherine, I'm sooooooo glad you shared this product with us! I have really dry skin, and Lush just wasn't working for me..I'll order smt from their website, cos it seems they have great products, and most important available 2 my country ! :D
    Yaaaaay! :)

  4. TheChloee,
    Yay, I'm glad I was able to help! Yes, I think if you are using LUSH then make your switch! LUSH makes some great bath bombs, but lotions are really not their thing.

  5. Do they have an actual store? I would love to visit

  6. Anon,
    They do stock MuLondon in one shop in London. You can check out the information on their website (found above). Good luck :)

  7. I love the MuLondon too! I have their Rose moisturiser and it smells like HEAVEN. I really want to try their lavender one soon when I finish my jar of Rose - they last for so long!

  8. Jen,
    They do! And I feel so good using it because I know I'm not putting any potential toxins in my body :)

  9. I have very sensitive skin which responds well to the healing properties of only a few organic skincare lines. Because I insist on organic and paraben-free products, I used Made from Earth's Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer (as a face cream) and their Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum (only in areas where I have wrinkles). It is the best for my money and is my all-time favorite moisturizer for both night and day use.

    My 75 year-old mother swears by this brand for her beautiful flawless skin that doesn't look a day over 50.