JewelMint Tulum Bracelets and Windsor Set

JewelMint Tulum Bracelets and Windsor Set

JewelMint made up for last month with an impressive selection for June. I bought two sets this month. I love the fact that a lot of their jewelry are coming in sets now instead of the usual one-piece.
Two new sets for my growing JewelMint collection.
I like these Tulum bracelets more than I thought I would – though the quality is subpar.
The color on the colorful bead bracelet actually stained my skin. πŸ™

The bracelet of the Windsor set looks like a fancy watch.

The earrings are actually lockets!

I am a sucker for nice packaging. Or maybe I am a hoarder.
Did you get anything from their June collection? (StyleMint is going to be up soon!)

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