Paper Clip and Ring Bracelet

Paper Clip and Ring Bracelet

I bought a batch of wholesale fashion rings from eBay a few years ago. They were wonderfully simple rings that I did not wear. What does a girl do with a hundred rings? Here is what I did: (I also happen to have an enormous collection of paper clips.)

The paper clip ring “bracelet” on my wrist.

I basically attached a few paper clips and rings together and folded it into a bracelet. The rings a silver on the outside with some different colors on the inside. It gives a subtle bit of color and shimmer to a fabulously unique bracelet.

I don’t wear this often, but I get a few compliments and inquiries when I do. I think it is something cute to pair with some cute and boringly casual clothes. It spices an outfit up without too much spice.

Unfolded form and a closeup.

It can also be worn as a necklace, but I think I would need to add some more paper clip to give it that long, layered kind of look.

This is nothing fancy, but I’m here to throw ideas out. What do you think?

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