Handmade Gold-Filled Earrings

Handmade Gold-Filled Earrings

I have extremely sensitive ears that usually can’t handle earrings less than gold-filled. I love the cheap fashion earrings from Forever 21 and local stores as much as the next girl, but my ears usually won’t tolerate those earrings for more than a few hours. They become irritated and itchy and that is just unacceptable.

Recently, I have been searching for cute, affordable earrings that won’t irritate my ears. I mostly search on Etsy, but cute gold-filled post earrings are not easy to find. Some had gold-filled posts but not backs or vice-versa. Some are too expensive for my liking. I want to change my earrings up a bit, you know. I can’t get stuck with an expensive pair I have to wear year after year. Then I thought, why not make my own?

A friend of mine had mentioned that fusionbeads offers free delivery for US orders with no minimum. I snooped around the site and added a few items to my cart. I have never shopped here before, so I was very picky (aka cheap) about my order.

Some items I spotted on fusionbeads.com

The post pins and backs are both gold-filled so they will not bother my oh-so-sensitive ears. As for the body of the earring, I chose a gold-plated design to cut the cost. I figure it would not come in contact with my pierced ear much with the flat pin in the way and all. It totals up to $5.92. Now all I have to do is use the glue gun to put it all together.

I may look around at other websites for other designs for my custom earrings. I could even use a few old buttons. My options are nearly unlimited at this point. I am super excited and will keep you updated once I make my earrings.

*Notes for your reference
In the US, the gold content in any gold-filled jewelry must be at least 1/20 the weight of the total item. For items labeled gold plated, the item is plated in gold without a limit to the thickness or thinness of the gold plating. Needless to say, gold-filled jewelry will last much longer than gold plated ones.

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