Unionbay Handbag

Unionbay has been around since 1981 and their bags are guaranteed 100% handcrafted. I am not all too familiar with this company, but one of my favorite small handbags is from Unionbay. I say small because although I like this bag, I have never been a fan of small bags. On the other hand, I love toting around oversized ones.

An overview of the Unionbay bag.

This is a beautifully patched bag with colorful patch/plaid fabrics. The handles and sides are made from thick brown leatherette. I love a bag made with thick leatherette. It gives quite a sturdy, chic kind of feel.

The Unionbag tag on the front and on the inside.

I apologize for the crap photos. I promise to get a real camera soon.

Where the handle is stitched onto the body of the bag.

I love the details on this bag. It is crafty yet subtle. It's truly an affordable and stylish bag. I think I bought this at a local Mandee about two years ago, yet I still wear it all the time.

The side leather and workable button.

This side has buttons that can be "popped" to make it a little roomier so you can hold more things. Although I call this bag small, it is by no means cramped. It is spacious enough to hold my makeup, cellphone, wallet and sunglasses without me having to pop the buttons. I say I could also fit a small jacket inside if I wanted to expand the bag.

On a closer look at the interior of this bag, it does state that although handcrafted, this bag was handcrafted in China. That bit of info is for people who are interested in the origin of their bags. As for myself, this will remain one of my favorites.

The same bag in a different color.

Needless to say that this exact bag is not sold at Mandee anymore. To be honest, I don't know if you can get it anywhere. I saw the same style bag in a different color pattern at Key West Styles the other day, but  that is about it. I am glad to have this bag to hold onto.


  1. This bag is adorable. I have seen a few Unionbay bags in local stores, but I have yet to see one that cute. I like the pattern you have a lot more than the one offered at Key West Styles. It's a shame they don't see the same one anymore.

    Anyway, good post!


  2. I like your bag, but I don't like that other color at all.

  3. cold crafter, I don't remember exactly but I did not pay more than thirty for it. I think it must have been about $20. That is a good estimate.

    Anon, I do not like the other color pattern that much either. I think that is why I have the bag I own.

  4. I'm with you on the not liking small bags part

  5. I am glad you guys agree =)

  6. I like your bag, but I don't like that other color at all.

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