Earth Day 2013: Green Recommendations

Tomorrow is Earth day once again. If you're not much of an environmentalist but still wish to observe this holiday, may I recommend some of our environmentally-friendly product posts and reviews? Maybe you'll find something you like to replace your less eco-friendly items.

Earth Day Celebrations and Product Recommendations

1. Beauty WIthout Cruelty Lipstick are made ethically, naturally and cruelty-free. (See my post on Beauty Without Cruelty lipstick and nail polish swatches.)

2. La Isha Nutrient Rich Face Creme is a natural and environmentally-friendly face cream that's perfect for mature skin. (Read the review here.)

3. The Robby Wash Ball is an eco-friendly detergent that washes many times over without wasting like the traditional detergent. (Robby Wash Ball review here.)

4. Green is the new gold, according to Prive. Their organic and eco-friendly haircare products are not only effective, they're pretty too!

Posts will be a tad short this week. Let's all step outside and enjoy mother nature! Earth day is a day for showing support of environmental protection, but it should also be a day to reduce your carbon footprint by simply enjoying the finer and greener things in life. Unplug and enjoy!


  1. Happy Earth Day!

  2. Happy Earth Day to you too!

  3. I'm surprised you didn't black out the site for this cispo day!

  4. Thinking back, I really should have done something with CISPA. Look forward to an article on the subject though!