Guest Bloggers Wanted (And the Unwanted PR Spammers)

You probably notice we don't have too many guest posts on Handmade Reviews. It's not because we don't accept them - because we absolutely do! I am just generally too lazy to set up the wanted signs and sort through the emails. In the past, I received so many spam emails from pseudo-PR representatives and companies just trying to advertise their own brand. That is not okay. If your company does this, I will never work with you. I'm looking for guest posts from lifestyle, fashion, beauty bloggers and the likes.

Why Blogs Do Not Like PR Spammers

Please submit only original writings meant to be published exclusively on Handmade Reviews. Spellcheck, proofread and format the post as much as you can. HTML is acceptable. We reserve the right to make edits to your submission. You can optionally include an author byline, attribution link and headshot. If you have high quality photo for the guest post, Wikimedia Commons is a great place to search for public domain photos. (We prefer images that are wider than they are tall and at least 400px wide.)

I apologize ahead if I do not reply to your email. I try my best to respond to each and every email, but sometimes I get very overwhelmed or things get stuck in my spam folder. If I do not respond to you within 2 weeks, please feel free to submit your guest post elsewhere, publish it on your blog, or do whatever it is you like to do with your writing.

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