Three Things to Inspire Bloggers to Blog More

It's difficult to blog on a daily basis when you're managing a full time job, family, or any sort of chaotic life. I'm a rather lazy blogger myself and often find myself panicking when I realize my blog hasn't been updated for two weeks or more! I keep telling myself that I'll make up all the post during the weekend when I am at home with all the time in the world. In truth, I'm rarely home on the weekends - and even when I am, I just lie in bed to watch reruns of 30 Rock, Arrested Development or the likes. Planning ahead is definitely the way to go. If you can't plan ahead, leave some things out next to your laptop or desk to inspire you to blog. This works particularly well for the lifestyle, beauty and fashion bloggers because our topics tend to be less structured and more on the spur of the moment.

Inspirations for Beauty Bloggers
Inspirational photographs, notecards, graphics
I picked up this Polaroid Notes set, which contains 20 different notecards and envelopes curated by Jenifer Altman. The polaroids are all beautiful and each have different stories to tell. Just looking at them makes me want to take some photographs to write about something. Look for something that makes you think, I want to be like that or I want to accomplish this. It really works!

Inspirations for Lifestyle Bloggers
The great thing about these notecards is that you can use them as greeting cards or just to write notes to others. Even the envelope is really cute!

Ideas for Bloggers
Notebooks, to do lists, pad and paper
Keep a pad and paper near your bed or home office. If you ever have any thoughts about a blog topic, jot it down. You'll never know when you'll want to pick up the ideas. It could be weeks from now, but your brain will thank you.

Inspirations for Fashion Bloggers
Magazines, books, pamphlets or ads
The thought of being inspired to write editorials from ads is strange, but it's true. I love flipping through magazines for many reasons, but seeing advertisements is definitely a big one. Ads in major magazines are usually really well done and they tell you what's new and happening in the media and industry.

What inspires you to blog? Share some ideas and tips with other bloggers!


  1. Photography sure does inspire me to blog more :)

  2. Where did you get those notecards? They are really nice!

  3. Me too. I wish I were a better photographer though!

  4. I ordered them off of ModCloth a while back.