Linen Tales washed linen tablecloth

Linen is a bast fiber made from the flax plant. Crisper than cotton, linen is silky with high luster and becomes supple through handling. Quality linen can be passed on for generations... or so legend goes.

I've introduced more linen to my home since moving to my new apartment. From West Elm linen bedsheets (more on that later) to Pottery Barn linen shower curtains and hand towels, I slowly became more obsessed with linen. Most recently, I ordered a natural summer flowers washed linen tablecloth from Linen Tales, a Lithuanian linen shop. The superior softness and quality of the fabric is instantly obvious. I'm determined never to go back to West Elm and Pottery Barn for linen.

Linen tablecloth

I originally only wanted to test Linen Tales  to gauge the quality of their craftsmanship. As the linen is handmade from Lithuania, I was not expecting it for weeks. I was surprised that in less than a week from the day I ordered it (about 5-6 days), the tablecloth appeared on my front door. It was soft, supple, beautiful, and nothing less of perfect.

I have nothing but good things to says about Linen Tales. My only regret was ordering only a tablecloth and not matching towels. Quality linen is pricey, but their prices are competitive and the quality is superb. Linen Tales has my full recommendation.

P.S. I will update with reviews on linen products from West Elm and Pottery Barn. The review won't be as glowing, but they're decent.

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