Benefits of brushing with boxwood: Chidoriya Tsuge Brush

Tsuge, a boxwood tree native to the Ibusuki area of Japan, is traditionally used to craft imperial seals, musical instruments, and combs. The wood is naturally dried for more than 3 years and then hand-carved individually to craft a single comb. Boxwood is naturally oily, so combs made from it are resistant to splitting and create almost no static against hair.

Unlike plastic and metal, boxwood comb brushes and combs won’t produce static or break your hair, and its bristles are treated with strengthening camellia oil to leave your hair nourished and shiny. Brushing with the Tsuge Brush stimulates the scalp and distributes your hair’s natural oils evenly throughout the strands, making a true difference in women with dry or unhealthy hair.

Boxwood also has precious cultural significance. In the Ibusuki region, when a girl was born, her relatives planted a boxwood tree to grow alongside her. When the girl got married, combs and furniture for her new household were made from the same tree. Every twenty years boxwood combs are sent to the Ise Shrine in Japan, where they are ritually burned in sacrifice to the sun goddess Amaterasu.

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