Sigma Power Stick Lipstick Review

Sigma Power Stick is Sigma Beauty's latest full-pigment, smooth formula lipstick. Once an exclusive makeup brush and tool brand, Sigma has expanded their collections recent years to include eyeshadows, concealer, lipsticks, you name it. The Power Stick, which retails at $25 each, comes in six wearable shades ranging from professional neutral to spring and summer bright. Swatches of all six shades can be seen below, courtesy of Sigma.

I personally recommend the Sigma power stick in clover, the soft, wearable pink shade. It is a full coverage lipstick that gives the illusion of smooth and natural lips. As a full coverage lipstick, I found it non-drying and lasting. That kind of formulation isn't difficult to find in the booming makeup industry these days, but consistently good releases are a rare treat.

[caption id="attachment_3660" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Sigma Beauty lipstick swatches Sigma Power Stick lipstick swatches courtesy of Sigma[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3658" align="alignleft" width="300"]Sigma lipstick review Sigma Power Stick lipstick swatch courtesy of Sigma[/caption]

The six shades available on

  • Sigma Pink: Signature magenta pink

  • Clover: Soft, wearable pink

  • In Spades: Earthy, natural lip color

  • Nancy: Soft peach

  • Bloody Good: Heirloom tomato red

  • Stamina: Electric, bold plum

Sigma Beauty's lipsticks are also available at Nordstrom and other retailers, but may we suggest readers order straight from the source to take advantage of the Sigma coupon codes and free shipping codes? The April 2016 Sigma coupons are up and the May 2016 Sigma coupons and deals are expected to be revealed soon.

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