BH Cosmetics Eco Brush Set - EcoTools Brushes Dupe?

EcoTools and BH Cosmetics brushes are among the highest rated affordable brushes. That is, they haven't been researched to death to provide the newest and latest "makeup break through," but they do their job consistently and reliably. Both brands have gone through some changes in terms of packaging and production, but which one fares better today? EcoTools brushes and the Eco BH Cosmetics brushes are almost identical in many senses. One might think that BH Cosmetics copied straight off of Ecotools, but maybe it isn't so much copying as as having similar manufacturers.

Both Ecotools an BH Cosmetics have factories in China that either manufacture or package its products. For that reason, you will find various brushes or "fakes" sold all over the Internet. The fake brushes may not be fake at all, but rather stolen, lost or subpar brushes that never made it to final production and packaging for official sale. To be safe, you should always buy your brushes from reliable sources to prevent buying stolen or defective merchandises. Sometimes reliable sellers can be tricked to getting their products from unreliable sources, so you should be aware of that as well.

EcoTools vs BH Cosmetics brushes
This sleek BH Cosmetics Eco Brush Set is an eco-friendly 10 piece brush set is made with natural and recycled materials. Each brush comes with soft and fluffy synthetic bristles. The naturally-dyed, lime green bamboo handles add a modern look to your everyday brushes and come with recycled aluminum ferrules.

BH Cosmetics brushes fake
Each set comes in a soft linen case that will protect your brushes when on the go. The case is almost identical to the one used by EcoTools.

Real vs fake makeup brushes
BH Cosmetics Eco Brush Set (originally $30, sale price $16)
At the sale price of $16 for a 10-piece brush set plus case, this BH Cosmetics brush set is a better deal than even the drugstore EcoTools brushes.

In terms of function, EcoTools and BH Cosmetics Eco brushes serve the same purpose. Their synthetic bristles pick up pigment relatively well. They don't compare to MAC, Sigma, Bobbi Brown, etc. in terms of picking up pigment or blending colors, but they are of good value for their low prices. I honestly don't think there better brushes for this cheap.

BH Cosmetics redesigned the brushes a little, giving them green handles and dipped dyed bristles. Albeit BH Cosmetics Eco brushes are more attractive than the EcoTools brushes, they feel cheaper and less sturdy. Maybe it's just me, but these brushes feel a little unnatural for what is advertised as "natural" brushes. The bristles are soft to the touch, but unfortunately stain pretty easily. Unless you're willing to clean them daily after use, expect the stain to stick around a little longer than with your usual brushes.

Please note that these are travel brushes. Neither BH Cosmetics nor EcoTools clarify, but if you look at the measurements, you will notice that they are comparable to the travel size collections of other brands.
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  1. At first look I definitely thought it was EcoTools!

  2. I thought so too; especially with the similar case that BH Cosmetics has on their brush set.