Three Subtle Tricks for a Noticeably Radiant Look

Sometimes you see someone you know, someone you haven't seen for some time and she looks stunning. She is beautiful, gorgeous and glowing, but you can't pin point the difference. Nothing is different, yet everything seems to be. How can you achieve that look? That subtle, dashing beauty? Sometimes it is best to get noticed without getting noticed at all.

1. Add a rosy blusher to your cheek. Don't go overboard, just a tad bit of color will give you a flush of life. Use a creamy blusher for that dewey look. Top it off with a tiniest light-reflective highlighter for the youthful glow. You'll look more awake, more alive, but no one will be able to understand why!

Blush Subtly
Be careful not to overuse blush. Subtle is sometimes best for getting noticed.

2. Clean and exfoliate your skin. You may think it doesn't matter much what lies beneath the foundation or concealer, but it does. A clear, exfoliated face glows naturally and radiantly. It allows makeup to blend in rather than build up and clog. Just as you may use Dial body wash for your body, you should consider using a good facial cleanser and exfoliator for your face. Scrub well and scrub often!

Subtle and Glowing Skin from Exfoliation
Properly exfoliated skin will result in more natural looking makeup.

3. Use a bit of neutral-colored eyeshadow. The color will add depth and dimension to your eye area, drawing attention towards your face without capturing the focus completely. It' the last bit of touch to the "beauty" without effort concept.

Look Glowing Naturally


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  1. I've been using Dial for years! So cheap and easy to find.