Sigma Resort Single Eyeshadow, Sigma May Coupon & Free Gift

Sigma May 2013 Coupon Code & Free Gift

RSR2013 »   Take 10% off  your Sigma Beauty order when you use the Sigma coupon code RSR2013 at checkout. Also get a FREE gift with orders of $30 or  more. This Sigma coupon is valid through May 31, 2013.

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Sigma Resort Palette Individual Eye Shadows

Sigma has just released individual eyeshadows from their Sigma Resort Palette. (Click here to see swatches, photos and review of the Sigma Resort Palette.) Each eyeshadow is $11 before the 10% discount code. An individual Sigma eyeshadow is basically half the price of a MAC eyeshadow by weight and quantity. Makeup prices really are rising everywhere.
Sigma Coupon Code May 2013
Previously sold in the Sigma Resort Palette, these eyeshadow colors can now be purchased individually: MuseFawnLunaTopazPapaya,MoonbeamNeelaMidori.

Sigma Individual Resort Eyeshadows
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  1. What is the sigma free gift for May 2013?

  2. Details on the Sigma free gift for May 2013 will be updated very soon!

  3. The free gift has been announced to be the E05 brush.