Three Things I Like (and one I truly love)

Gold Dachshund Ring Holder
I really enjoy this sturdy golden dachshund ring holder I bought from ModCloth.

Delicate Rings
I like to switch up tiny rings, but this pyramid ring from DailyLook has been a daily favorite (paired with a ModCloth ring in the right photo).

Best of Tea Light Candle Holders
I've never been a candle person, but this little tea light candle holder I received for Christmas has been keeping my side table lit and warm.

My five-year-old guinea pig, Ronnie passed away yesterday. I took her to the emergency room when she croaked and had trouble breathing yesterday morning. The vet diagnosed her with late-stage cancer (most likely lymphoma). She is the first pet I've ever really lost and even I am surprised as to how much pain I feel over her loss. I miss her joyous morning squeals for food, but I think it's the very last moments of her face in my hands that haunts me. Anyway, I don't want this to be a place to pour my heart out, but I do want to give her lovable life a mention.

Ronnie the Guinea Pig Lived Happily and Died of Lymphoma
My last moments with Ronnie (Veronica, 11/25/2007 - 01/14/2013) were unfortunately spent at the vet. May she rest in peace in her happy Cavy place.

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