Three Skincare Favorites January 2013

I received this Amore Pacific moisturizer sample from Sephora a whole back and never got around to using it. I'm glad I have finally gotten to apply it because it's absolutely wonderful! It includes green tea, mushroom extracts, botanicals and the good things in life. The downside? The full size bottle costs hundreds.

This Aura Cacia Sweet Orange essential oil can be used for skincare, bath gel, etc. To make a refreshing mist, add 9 drops of the sweet orange oil, 9 drops lavender, and 1 oz water in a mister or spray bottle.

This Skindanavia Makeup Finishing Spray keeps showing up as a favorite month after month. I prefer very light makeup and almost no powder during the dry, brittle and cold winter months. A few spritz of this stuff keeps my makeup in place all day with no powder required. My skin ends up less dried and more nourished.

My router has been malfunctioning, so I am forced to blog on my phone. (Not quite easy a task as Apple would have one believe.) Once again, I am behind with all my email correspondences. Oops!


  1. I can't say enough how much I am in love with Skindinavia Makeup finishing spray. Amazing product.

  2. That sounds so good. Sorry about your internet.

  3. I am definitely surprised about how much I like it! I was not expecting it to work as well as it does. I mean, a water spray that works better than powder? :)

  4. hola soy nueva en esto pero tu pagina me impreciono que me pase toda la maƱana lee y lee espero seguir tu blog y ser una fan gracias