To Blog Sale or Not to Blog Sale

[UPDATE] Click Here To See The Blog Sale

I am considering having a blog sale, but I don't know if it would be worth the hassle. I never had much success in the past with these things. What are your experiences with blog sales? Have you ever had one? Or have you had any good/bad experiences with one?

Pros of Sale:

  • Clear my house of things I don't use, have never used, will never use, etc.
  • Gain some money to buy new things. (Pro or con?!)
  • Offer buyers cheap stuff. (Cheap prices, not cheap quality.)

Cons of Sale:

  • Shipping. I hate going to the post office, but what I hate most is things getting lost in the mail. For that reason, I will only do shipping with tracking within the US. Sorry international buyers, but you can still buy gift cards.
  • Satisfaction. I want to provide the best sales experience possible, but as you can see, I am not a business. I don't want to see any buyer unhappy and will accept returns, but I can't cover shipping costs. (See? It's still the darn shipping.)
Might sell:

  • Clothes - Lightly worn clothing such as dresses and blouses will be sold for $2-$10 a piece. Forever 21 dresses will be about $2/each and anything that is as high as $10 will be higher quality dresses, knit sweaters, or some newer clothes.
  • Jewelry - I have loads of JewelMint jewelry locked up in my drawer from my JewelMint obsessed phase. I have all the boxes too. Without boxes, I'll sell them for $5 a piece. (Or cheaper if I like you.)
  • Makeup - Some new, unopened things but also some eyeshadows I've only swatched or bought to photograph/review. (I think I have some MAC MSF stashed away somewhere too.)
  • Gift Certificates - I have store credit to ModCloth that I won't be using up. I'm willing to sell gift certificates for up to 20% off. (So you can get  $100 gift certificate to ModCloth for $80.) ModCloth will send the gift certificate to you themselves to be on the safe side.
  • Gift Certificates - Same as above.
Paypal is preferred.

I ship USPS Priority with tracking/shipping confirmation unless requested to do otherwise. I provide buyers with tracking numbers for all shipments. Shipping costs will vary. Obviously no charge for gift certificates/virtual items. For everything else, I'll say $2.50 for very small item order, $5.00 for regularly-sized items/order, $10.00 for large items/orders.

I like to sell in bulk to lessen my trip of going to the post office. If you buy a lot (aka: help clear my room), I will give incredible discount. And of course everything comes from a clean and smoke-free home!

Let me know if this is something you would be interested in and I will try to take photographs of all the things I want to sell. Or if you have anything in mind already (gift certificates, JewelMint jewelry I own), please drop me a note at with the subject, Blog Sale.


  1. *hands up* I will buy all the $2 dresses!

    1. Lynn, please take them away from me!

  2. I love blog sales, definitely interested

  3. Shipping and the fear of something going wrong has held me up with putting up a blog sale too. I'm curious about the Sigma Gift certificates. What are the values on those?

    1. The same as ModCloth, but I can split up the values. It's all negotiable really.

  4. I like blog sales. Looking at 'em and finding items I'd missed in stores or couldn't justify paying retail prices for. I've never held one myself, unless Craigslist counts. Now *that* was loads of work. Maybe not worth it monetarily, but at least I wasn't tossing them in a landfill. I'm planning on donating any lightly used or new items I don't sell. Unfortunately, I won't be able to support your sale, as I'm north of the border. ;)

    1. You're such a regular reader. I'll be more than happy to ship some things your way if you find anything that catches your eyes.

      Just as soon as I get the energy to set up the products and snap some pictures. :(

  5. I'm looking to purchase some Sigma brushes this week so I would love a discounted Sigma Beauty certificate if you're selling them. Thank you!

  6. i will buy your jewelmint pieces and make up... like if you decide not to do the blog sale just email me the pictures and i will gladly buy some of them.

  7. hi! i will gladly buy your jewelmint pieces and make up.. if u decide to not do the blog sale .. pls email me at eizel10[at]gmail[dot]com and if u could send me the pictures I will gladly take those jewelries of ur hands or as many as I can afford anyway. thanks katherine!

  8. I'm looking to purchase a brush set from Sigma Beauty this week. I would definitely purchase a discounted gift certificate from you if you decide to sell! Thanks!

  9. Anyone who wants to buy gift certificates, please email me. As for other items, I'll have to sort through my collections and photograph everything this weekend. I'll post updates!