To Blog Sale or Not to Blog Sale

To Blog Sale or Not to Blog Sale

[UPDATE] Click Here To See The Blog Sale

I am considering having a blog sale, but I don’t know if it would be worth the hassle. I never had much success in the past with these things. What are your experiences with blog sales? Have you ever had one? Or have you had any good/bad experiences with one?

Pros of Sale:

  • Clear my house of things I don’t use, have never used, will never use, etc.
  • Gain some money to buy new things. (Pro or con?!)
  • Offer buyers cheap stuff. (Cheap prices, not cheap quality.)

Cons of Sale:

  • Shipping. I hate going to the post office, but what I hate most is things getting lost in the mail. For that reason, I will only do shipping with tracking within the US. Sorry international buyers, but you can still buy gift cards.
  • Satisfaction. I want to provide the best sales experience possible, but as you can see, I am not a business. I don’t want to see any buyer unhappy and will accept returns, but I can’t cover shipping costs. (See? It’s still the darn shipping.)

Might sell:

  • Clothes – Lightly worn clothing such as dresses and blouses will be sold for $2-$10 a piece. Forever 21 dresses will be about $2/each and anything that is as high as $10 will be higher quality dresses, knit sweaters, or some newer clothes.
  • Jewelry – I have loads of JewelMint jewelry locked up in my drawer from my JewelMint obsessed phase. I have all the boxes too. Without boxes, I’ll sell them for $5 a piece. (Or cheaper if I like you.)
  • Makeup – Some new, unopened things but also some eyeshadows I’ve only swatched or bought to photograph/review. (I think I have some MAC MSF stashed away somewhere too.)
  • Gift Certificates – I have store credit to ModCloth that I won’t be using up. I’m willing to sell gift certificates for up to 20% off. (So you can get  $100 gift certificate to ModCloth for $80.) ModCloth will send the gift certificate to you themselves to be on the safe side.
  • Gift Certificates – Same as above.
Paypal is preferred.
I ship USPS Priority with tracking/shipping confirmation unless requested to do otherwise. I provide buyers with tracking numbers for all shipments. Shipping costs will vary. Obviously no charge for gift certificates/virtual items. For everything else, I’ll say $2.50 for very small item order, $5.00 for regularly-sized items/order, $10.00 for large items/orders.
I like to sell in bulk to lessen my trip of going to the post office. If you buy a lot (aka: help clear my room), I will give incredible discount. And of course everything comes from a clean and smoke-free home!
Let me know if this is something you would be interested in and I will try to take photographs of all the things I want to sell. Or if you have anything in mind already (gift certificates, JewelMint jewelry I own), please drop me a note at with the subject, Blog Sale.

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  • Anyone who wants to buy gift certificates, please email me. As for other items, I'll have to sort through my collections and photograph everything this weekend. I'll post updates!

  • I'm looking to purchase a brush set from Sigma Beauty this week. I would definitely purchase a discounted gift certificate from you if you decide to sell! Thanks!

  • hi! i will gladly buy your jewelmint pieces and make up.. if u decide to not do the blog sale .. pls email me at eizel10[at]gmail[dot]com and if u could send me the pictures I will gladly take those jewelries of ur hands or as many as I can afford anyway. thanks katherine!

  • I like blog sales. Looking at 'em and finding items I'd missed in stores or couldn't justify paying retail prices for. I've never held one myself, unless Craigslist counts. Now *that* was loads of work. Maybe not worth it monetarily, but at least I wasn't tossing them in a landfill. I'm planning on donating any lightly used or new items I don't sell. Unfortunately, I won't be able to support your sale, as I'm north of the border. 😉

    • You're such a regular reader. I'll be more than happy to ship some things your way if you find anything that catches your eyes.

      Just as soon as I get the energy to set up the products and snap some pictures. 🙁