Instant Eyelash Extensions! Jealousness Magic Lash Lengthening Mascara Set Review

Instant Eyelash Extensions! Jealousness Magic Lash Lengthening Mascara Set Review

Some of you may remember the Jealousness Magic Lash Lengthening Mascara Set that I received from my iMomoko package last month. I promised you a review and I finally have something for you: a full demonstration of the instant lash extension effect from the mascara. (I will also be reviewing the other makeup items, but I feel that they may be overshadowed by this lovely Jealousness mascara!)

Jealousness Mascara Set Review

Jealousness mascara comes in a set with two separate mascara wands

The Jealousness mascara set comes with two tubes. One is a waterproof mascara in black and the other tube contains white fibers to extend your lashes. You are supposed to apply this set in a three-step process (after curling lashes, of course). Keep reading to see how I apply these!

Asian Mascara Review

Color mascara on the left and fiber mascara on the right

Best Asian Mascara

My bare lashes before any makeup; essentially the “before” picture.

Next, I apply a light layer of the Jealousless black waterproof mascara (B) to my curled lashes. This mascara holds curl very well and can literally last days without smudging (not that anyone needs that).

Asian Brand Makeup Review

Lashes are darkening

And you can see that my lashes are longer already. (There may already be small fibers stuck in my black mascara tube from previous uses.)

Imomoko makeup review

Longer and darker lashes already and we’re not even done

Second step: I apply a light layer of the Jealousness fibrous wand (W) to my upper lases. You can apply to both, but I only like it on my top lashes. I’ve tried fibrous mascaras before and they’ve always caused irritation to my eyes so I was apprehensive to try the little wand myself. I’m so glad I built the courage to use it though. It does not fall into my eyes or cause any irritation even with my prescription contact lens.

Before and After Mascara Eyelash Extension

Beware of the fibers getting into sensitive eyes

Finally, I reapply a layer of the black mascara to cover up the white fibers. And tada!

Jealousness Magic Lash Lengthening Mascara Set Review

Lashes are now fully extended

Instant lash extension with just mascara! I now have super long lashes! I wish I could capture the lashes better, but my poor camera lens allow me to give these lashes justice. I’ve actually used up quite a lot of this stuff so it is getting a little dry and clumpier than it used to be. (I will be ordering a new tube this week.)

Jealousness Magic Lash Lengthening Mascara Review

Lashes going every which way

I’ve gotten so many compliments about my eyelashes since I’ve started using the Jealousness mascara. It is definitely above most mascaras I’ve tried before. Even without the fiber tube, the waterproof mascara is really good. It is also super waterproof. Be forewarned: You will definitely need a makeup remover to get rid of this mascara. (Luckily I have the Bioderma Crealine H20 makeup remover recommended by Lisa Eldridge.)

I’ve had people question how my real lashes could be so long – because they don’t look like false lashes. And they aren’t! So when someone asks me if I am wearing false lashes, I say no and feel smug about it. To misquote a famous makeup slogan, “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Jealousness – Magic Lash Lengthening Mascara Set!”

Disclosure: I received this Jealousless Magic Lash Lengthening Mascara courtesy of iMomoko. Opinions, photos and writing are my own. I wrote this honest review of my own accord.
Amazing lash extensions, but be careful of fallout getting into your eye as it will be extremely irritating. It is worth the try if you do not have sensitive eyes.
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