What's in my iMomoko makeup and skincare bag?

iMomoko sent me a lovely package last week that I've been wanting to share with you. (I would have shared sooner bu my camera has been misbehaving.) I have a soft spot for Asian makeup and skincare products. They're less accessible to me thus I always crave for them. I am familiar with any popular Western product, but Asian products still mystify me. I think the hope is that perhaps one day I will stumble upon a miracle Asian skincare item that will transform me.

iMomoko Skincare
iMomoko Goodie Bag
iMomoko makeup products review
Eyeliner, Mascara and Brow Pencil

The gift bag from iMomoko contains the following:

I will write separate posts to cover the review of the sheet masks, the makeup and the clear spot patch. I am really looking forward to the results of the Skinfood Trouble Clear Spot Patch. It literally takes months for my blemish marks and acne scars to fade. I am hoping these will help clear them up faster. I'll definitely keep you updated!

iMomoko eyeliner review
This is my new daily eyeliner.
iMomoko Skincare
False lashes for the special occasions!
iMomoko Sheet Mask Review and Photos
I used up the Aloe sheet mask immediately upon arrival!

iMomoko has generously provided for my readers a special discount code. Just use the coupon handmade at checkout for 10% off your order. Me? I am a hydration and sheet mask fanatic so I'll be ordering myself some more of those in no time.

Have you ever tried Asian-brand makeup and skincare products? What are some of your favorites?
Disclosure: Products were sent for review consideration only. No compensation was provided for this post. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author.


  1. Seems that you got some great items. I haven´t tried any Asian makeup or skincare products, yet, but I am planning to try some :)

  2. the packaging of those stuff is really cute! will be waiting for you moe gel eyeliner review ^_^

  3. I enjoy reviews of Asian products, as they are hard to get in North America. I was lucky enough to get a few when my Aunt went to Asia last year. My current favourites are an automatic Kate (Kanebo) eyebrow pencil, a Mandom face cleanser (all gone *sniff*), and my K-Palette 24hr Eyebrow Tattoo pen.

    1. Yes, the only place I can manage to get them is online.

      I'll have to check out your favorites. I'm always looking for good brow pencils and cleansers! :)

  4. These are great items. I can't wait for buying.

  5. ive heard about the Skin Food before... i really really want to try a lot of asian brands but the shipping costs too much and that's whats holding me back..

    have you tried missha brand, etude, lioele and dollywink? ..