Pinky Paradise Affiliate Conflict

Pinky Paradise Affiliate Conflict

08/13/2012 Update Pinky Paradise has finally paid me for a portion of the sales I generated through my blog, but they are threatening to take legal actions over my blog post!A month or two ago Pinky Paradise emailed me and asked me to join their new affiliate program. They even gave me a unique coupon code to share. Since I have used their products before, I agreed and even posted a post about Pinky Paradise and shared the coupon for my readers. I thought it was a little strange that they never asked for payment method. (How do they expect to pay their affiliates if they don’t ask?) I volunteered my choice of payment and Paypal email.

Pinky Paradise Affiliate Conflict

They never really replied to my emails and avoided my many questions asked. I already thought it was a little shady, but they convinced me that their program was very similar to the Sigma affiliate program (which is not true). After asking for a while, “Jason” from Pinky Paradise said payments will be made at the end of the month. When I emailed them again after the date has passed and asked about my overdue payment, I was notified that my account will be terminated because it is against their policy to share the affiliate link or coupon code on another website such as a coupon sharing or other social media websites. Yes, this is regardless of who shares it. If a reader wants to share a code or link with others, the affiliate’s account can still be terminated – but perhaps not until the affiliate asks to be paid. No account needs to be terminated until it is time to pay up.

Pinky Paradise was probably hoping affiliates would give them free advertising and promotions. When it came time to pay, they didn’t want to part with their money. I think they were hoping that most people would not make their minimum payout threshold, so they would never have to pay anyone anything. I am upset that I already sent them so many referrals from my website. They are located somewhere in Asia, so it is not like I can bring them to court.

If you are advertising Pinky Paradise, I recommend you do your research or consider finding a better program to join. If they have to pay you, they might reluctantly do so.

If I didn’t ask for payment yesterday, I would most likely still have an active affiliate account today. They only terminated my account after I asked for payment (one week after they were supposed to pay). Coincidence? I think not.

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