Pinky Paradise Threatening to Sue Blogger

Pinky Paradise Threatening to Sue Blogger

My Pinky Paradise Affiliate Conflict post from earlier this week got quite some attention. Jason from Pinky Paradise promised to pay me the portion of the sales that he thinks were generated from my blog. Sounds reasonable enough, right? It was that or nothing so I took that.

He also stated that I can “set up a new account and continue to earn” money from my blog. Thanks, but no thanks. At this point in time, I am glad to have my affiliate account deactivated. Plenty of better companies to work with if I ever get around to searching.

I thought things were good and dandy when I received my payment from Jason. I was threatened to remove any blog post or tweets that mention Pinky Paradise and the whole account deactivation/conflict ordeal. I have no intention of backtracking and erasing my blog post or tweets (people do that?), but I made a mental note to update my readers on the situation and let everyone know that Pinky Paradise did eventually pay. I am not happy with them, but I was no longer going to speak ill of them because I was seriously over it. Maybe if I were feeling generous, I would call the whole thing a simple disagreement.

I thought this mess was over – but received this little treat from Jason today: “Please remove any post about pinkyparadise from your blog and twitter within 48 hours from now. Legal action will be taken if you failed to do so.”

What is up with the time constraint? What if I am out of town? Or my computer is broken? Trust me, I am not important enough for people to read my week old tweets. And why only my blog and Twitter? I also complained to my family and friends. (I must admit that I am a whiner.) Kindly advise me on how to take my words back.

PinkyParadise Suing Blogger

Jason, threatening affiliates (or ex-affiliates, in my case) will not solve the problem. While I appreciate the fact that you ended up paying me for a portion of the traffic and sales that I generated for you, I do not feel that I owe you anything. I liked their products so I blogged about them; but I no longer care.

In fact, I feel owed an apology for the threatening emails. Throughout our email exchanges since this disagreement began, I was never offered an apology. Jason’s threats hurt my feelings and maybe even scarred me emotionally. I hope to get an apology within 48 hours.

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