Somme Institute 5-Step Skincare Regimen

Somme Institute contains patented technology MDT5 (Molecular Dispersion Technology), a revolutionary protein/vitamin delivery system (A, B3, B5, C and E) which transforms the skin, thus improving its tone, texture and clarity while reducing the signs of aging (for all skin types).

The Somme Institute products sold at beauty salons and spas have always caught my eyes, but I never quite got a change to try them. Several weeks ago, I was offered the Somme Institute 5-Step Regimen to test and review. You can just imagine my excitement!

Somme Institute Nourishing Cleanser Review
Step 1: Nourishing Cleanser (non-foaming/non-irritating)
The Nourishing Cleanser is a creamy, non-foamy cleanser. It is gentle, so be sure to user a makeup remover beforehand if you're trying to remove a lot of makeup.

Somme Institute Transport Review
Step 2: Transport (gentle exfoliant)
The Transport pads help to gently exfoliate the skin. I have sensitive skin, but can still manage to use it daily without irritation. I use this in combination of my weekly Clarisonic Mia / Sigma Polishing Tool exfoliation.

Somme Institute Serum Review
Step 3: Serum (with Vitamin C)
I love the Somme Institute Vitamin C Serum. It has helped even out my skin tone, particularly through the reduction of my dark circles. I've read that Vitamin C can reduce dark circles, but I never imagined it could work this well. This serum is definitely something I will keep coming back to!

Somme Institute A-Bomb Review
Step 4: A-Bomb (moisturizer with Vitamins A and E)
The A-Bomb is a super hydrating, quality moisturizer. My skin looks and feels smoother almost immediately after applying the cream. The packing of the A-Bomb is the only thing I'm really disappointed in. Seeing that most of the other products have a dispenser, I don't see why the moisturizer must be an open bottle.

Somme Institute Double Defense Review
Step 5: Double Defense (SPF 30+)
The Double Defense is a good sunscreen as it has the necessary SPF 30 with a minimal sunscreen scent. It isn't drying and it absorbs quickly. Best of all? It doesn't cause me to break out. Any sunscreen with those qualities are perfect for me.

Anyone interested in the Somme Institute skincare set should try to use the entire range rather than only one or two of the steps. I sometimes would get lazy and skip step 1 or 2, resulting in the creams becoming less effective and the moisturizer not absorbing as well. This skincare set was created and meant to be used together for optimum effectiveness and correct balance of the skin's pH. It has definitely helped balance out my skin's pH and reduced the dryness and breakouts.

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Disclosure: This post contains product(s) sent to me for review consideration.


  1. I like that the vitamin C serum is packaged in an airless pump container.

  2. Aww man I really want to try this line...but just did some research and saw the entire line is $300 :( Perhaps I shall save up for it though that is a bit steep.

  3. Great review! I have never heard about this brand.

  4. This is interesting. I wonder if the products work on their own, or if you have to commit to the whole regimen to see any benefits?

  5. I'm not too sure about the "rejuvenating" thing of the creams and serums, but I still enjoy using that kind of products (hope is the last to die).

    Interesting company.