Handmade Reviews Beauty Blog Awards 2011 Winner

After months of nominations and voting, a winner has finally been decided on for the 2011 Beauty Blog Awards. The purpose of the Handmade Reviews Beauty Blog Awards is to motivate beauty blogs that create, that inspire, and is genuinely loved by readers. For that reason, the winner was chosen from the tabulated votes of our thoughtful readers. Everyone, please spare some time to visit these wonderful blogs and congratulate them on their grand success!

Beauty Blog Awards 2011 Winner:
Beautylovin' (beautylovin.com)
Beautylovin' is a beauty and lifestyle blog written by Hanne, a fashion model, student, and blogger. She bases her blog on her insider tips in beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

Beauty Blog Awards 2011 Shortlisted Blogs:
Beauty, Brains and Brawns (beautybrainsbrawns.blogspot.com)
Blog-a-beauté (blog-a-beaute.blogspot.com)
Cappuccino and Fashion (madelinesfashion.blogspot.com)
DGS Beauty (dgsbeauty.com)
I'm Loving This (imlovingthis.com)
Let's MakeYuUp (makeyuup.blogspot.com)
Making Up The Style (makingupthestyle.com)
Pandora's Box (pandorasssbox.blogspot.com)
Pyari Beauty (pyaribeauty.blogspot.com)
rK's Beauty and Fashion Blog (ruqaiyakhan.com)
Shellzdoll (shellzdoll.com)
She's Gonna Snap (shesgonnasnap.com)
Socialite Dreams (socialitedreams.com)
Vivianna Does Makeup (viviannadoesmakeup.com)

 I would personally like to congratulate all nominees, winners - and especially the readers. Without readers, there would be no blog awards at all. Thank you for making this year's beauty blog awards a success. Let's look forward to future events.

much love & gratitude,


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