Beauty Break Time: Are You Thrifty?

Beauty Break Time: Are You Thrifty?

There are less than three weeks until Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. We want to know: How savvy of a shopper are you? Do you check prices and wait for sales before buying, or do you nonchalantly pick up the lipstick on your way to checkout?

Do you snip coupons before hitting the store or search for discount codes before ordering online? If so, how do you find the promotions and deals?

During last week’s Beauty Break Time discussion, Isabella won a $10 Sigma Gift Certificate!

Beauty Break Time is series of weekly debate topics and questions to get the audience to participate in discussions. Every week, one participant is selected to win a beauty prize. To make sure you receive your prize, leave a form of contact with your discussion response. Forms of contact can include email, website, Twitter, Facebook, etc. A new winner is announced every Wednesday.

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  • I have the flat top kabuki brush from Sigma. I use it for my foundation and I love it. I would love to buy or win a travel brush kit. That would really come in handy.
    Thank you for the amazing giveaway! =)
    (kristab007 at hotmail dot com)

  • I'm also a big promo code girl too. I've surprised my fiance a couple of times with savings this way. Also, I try to make use of sites like Craigslist (for non-beauty stuff, of course!). A couple of weekends ago we set off to purchase some home reno stuff. I made time to check out Craigslist, and we ended up saving $140 on stuff that looked new!

  • I'm a bargain beauty shopper. Since I'm new to makeup, don't wear very much, and am operating on a student's budget, I am a definite coupon-clipper. I research everything before I buy. This sounds super nerdy, but it's saved me many times from making impulse purchases. I figure that in my exploration of the beauty world, no matter how much I read up on things, I'm inevitably going to run into products that don't work for me (e.g., don't suit my colouring or cause a skin reaction). So, the nerdy approach has helped me maximize my money overall, unanticipated mistakes and all.

    I try to wait for sales. I give myself a break when I'm travelling; however, as there are awesome drugstore finds that I don't have access to at home! 😀

    hermano (dot) buster (dot) bluth (at)
    [This is my public email, not the one that's linked to my GFC account. I hope that's okay.]

  • I don't go for a particular item, but if a store is going to have an extra markdown on sale items, I might consider going there. I have a list of clothing I need for winter and I hopefully won't impulse-buy!

  • I really agree with what Joyce said. I feel the same way about Black Friday sales. I spent one year waiting outside of a Best Buy in hopes I would get a new computer they had advertised as being on sale. During the wait apparently they only had five and handed out vouchers to the first people in the line, and never told anyone else. So when I finally made it in, they didn't even have what I had waited for the entire night. Never again. It was all just a gimmick.

    However, I might buy something during Cyber Monday. ;D

    samanthaksimmons [at] gmail [dot] com

  • It depends… if I need an item and I really like it (like shoes or clothes) i don't wait because by sales time it might be gone. As for other products, I tend to wait OR buy an extra one (if it's a thing a use regularly) if there's a sale 🙂

    xx Raquel

  • Of course! I always search for promo codes and seeing if they have any upcoming sales (usually by searching for previous years sales to see if there's a trend).

  • There used to be many great deals on Black Friday; however, in the recent years, Black Friday has become a huge marketing strategy. Companies would put out a few sale items with very limited quantities to attract more customers into their store during Black Friday. Those customers have been waiting all night for the store to open and they will buy something regardless if the product is a "great deal" or not because they have been waiting all night outside the store.

    For people who go to the store in the afternoon on Black Friday, there is definitely no more stock on the big sale items. So, Black Friday isn't a day that I associate with big sales. Like I said before, it's a huge marketing gimmick.

    In general, I buy things when they're on sale. I check the item's retail price on the company's main website and then if the store is selling that item at a 20% off or more discount, then I'll purchase it. I never buy an item at retail price. I always use gift cards that I get from friends, coupons that I find online (from blog sites and coupon sites), and Ebates that give me cash back.

    I have enough makeup already, so buying new makeup isn't a necessity; therefore, I can wait for a sale before purchasing. I had my Sephora wishlist back in May because I knew Sephora was going to have a 20% off sale in the Fall and that's when I bought all the things on my wishlist. Plus, I used gift cards and Ebates. =)

    As for Cyber Monday, I would purchase an item, depending on the website. If Sigma is having a 10% off sale on Cyber Monday, I won't even consider buying anything right away because Sigma is always having a 10% off sale. If Coastal Scents is having a 25% sale, I still wouldn't buy anything during Cyber Monday because they had a 30% off sale a few weeks ago.

    So for anyone who's not familiar with a company, do your research online and see what kind of deals they offered before and compare it to their deal on Cyber Monday.

  • Living in Australia, we only have one day of sales per year; Boxing Day, although the prices aren't cheaper than buying pre-Xmas. We also have EOFYS (End of Financial Year Sale) but it's not hyped as much.

    Here, things are alot more expensive (2-3 times more) so when it's Black Friday/Cyber Monday in the US, I plan on making some new purchases.

    I usually find out what sales are on before hand through watching TV and shopping; although many stores have the same sales every year. Coupons are rarely used here; the only coupon I use is one for 6c off each litre of fuel and BOGO Free coupons that I get from my Enterainment Book or the back of receipts.