Ellis Faas Lip Colors Review: An Innovative Beauty

I have been interested in Ellis Faas since I heard about the brand from Lisa Eldridge. Every makeup item is liquid and packaged into a bullet-shaped pen. The idea of this makeup range is that every item has the same shape and can fit into a specialized container: the Ellis Holder. The Holder can fit eight Ellis Faas products, all of which are the same shape. I was sent three lip products to try, so I don't have the case at hand - but you can read more about the Ellis Holder here.

Ellis Faas Creamy Lips, Glazed Lips and Milky Lips

Ellis Faas lip products comes in three textures: Creamy Lips, Milky Lips and Glazed Lips. The Creamy Lips has a soft and velvety texture and is most similar to the classic lipstick. Milky Lips gives a more fluid and translucent appearance. Glazed Lips has a wet, yet long-lasting color that combines transparency and intensity without being sticky.

Every product - whether matte eyes, lips, or cheeks - comes in the same shape.

Although the idea of a universal shape and form for all of her makeup is interesting, what is even more so is Ellis Faas' choice of universal colors for her makeup. She based the entire collection of her brand on colors that by nature exist in every human body. From all tones of foundation to every lipstick and eyeshadow, the shades are inspired by colors that naturally occur in our bodies.

Every bullet comes with a brush applicator.

I enjoy the brush applicator it comes with because it makes for convenient traveling. This might pose as a problem for some people, however, because a brush applicator does mean that you will have to clean it. Although it has not happened to me, I have read that some people have problems with the pen clogging when they do not regularly clean it.

Application is extremely smooth and simple, but regularly cleansing of the applicator is recommended.

I really like the texture and design of these lip products, but at $35 a piece, I don't think I can appreciate them completely without the holder to store the pens. I think I will soon order a holder as well as a few face products to complete my set. I am amazed by the originality and vision of the Ellis Faas brand. The quality of the makeup itself is very good, but mostly, I applaud the innovation and the daring design.

Buying into the concept of the Ellis Holder and universally-shaped makeup requires that consumers use exclusively Ellis Faas products. For makeup junkies like myself, I cannot see myself carrying only the Ellis Holder and its counterparts in my purse. The fact of the matter is that there are too many beauty products that I like to have, to carry, to hold and to try. I am willing to buy Ellis Faas makeup for its good quality and design, but I do not see myself carrying just the bullet case around. If anything, I will buy an Ellis Holder to hold my Ellis Faas makeup on my vanity. The Ellis Holder can be lodged around on some days, but the day that makeup is revolutionized to universal packaging is far. Ellis Faas makeup gets an A for quality, design and concept, but the practicality it tries to instill is far from practical.

Each lip product or holder costs $35 and can be purchased at ellisfaas.com or various department stores worldwide. In the States, Ellis Faas are widely sold in Space NK.

Disclosure: This post contains product(s) sent to me for testing or reviewing consideration. I am neither paid nor compensated for my opinion. My priority is always to my readers and I express only my honest opinion in every post.


  1. I have an Ellis Faas lipstick and I adore it! It was a gift so I didn't even realize it cost so much.

  2. Yes, me too! It feels very luxurious.

  3. Ellis Faas is a pretty interesting brand...but I agree, it's a very good concept, but not too good for business. Still, the idea of the same size for all their products really is cool!

  4. Amy,
    Yes, I agree. Maybe if there were a lot more makeup options available, I would buy into it more. I would love it if there were a simple way to fill my very own liquid makeup into one of those pens!

  5. i love the design. i think i would like to try out her products just to keep in my purse.

  6. Kristen,
    Yes, the design is something truly different. Give it a try, I think you will enjoy it.

  7. I love Ellis Faas products...have the blush, lipsticks & foundation & loving them!!!

  8. Rakhshanda,
    I'll have to give the rest of their products a try soon then!

  9. I would buy ALL of the products IF they weren't that expensive... I feel like with that much money, I can get other brand products and have more products than just bullet-pens. I mean I ADORE the concept, but I feel like the price is way too much :( Still, I'd buy them if I were rich *wink

  10. Begum,
    Haha, oh me too. I would definitely get the full collection if I had the income.