StyleMint Is Finally Here – and I Bought Something

StyleMint Is Finally Here – and I Bought Something

The long anticipated StyleMint by Mary-Kate and Ashley is finally here!

I am a little disappointed in their lack of selection. There are basically four t-shirt designs this month, with a few variations in color totaling up to eight different t-shirts. I don’t think the basic t-shirts are quite worth $30 – unless of course, you’re used to spending that amount of money on American Apparel tees.

I dislike the rise in the new style of shopping employed by the BeachMint family and its fellow rivals. Quite frankly, canceling monthly shopping memberships is a pain, no matter how easy they try to make it.

As a long time fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley, I am willing to give StyleMint a try. I just ordered the Melrose shirt. I hope the real-life quality and style surprises me because if it doesn’t then I am out and never looking back.

*Update: I received my StyleMint package. You can read about it here.

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