Mail from Lovemode, JewelMint, Montagne Jennesse

I was ecstatic this morning when I woke up to these fun packages!

My JewelMint jewelry set finally arrived!

They came in one box this time - with an extra description note in an envelope.

I bought these because they were on a 2 for 1 special... I don't think I would ever have bought them otherwise. The Jagger Earrings were a little disappointing.

The Golden Goose Bracelet was very nice though!

I love that special dazzled up jewel!

Larger than I would've liked, but cute nonetheless.

Here is a preview of the cute Lovemode dress. Keep your eyes out for a review and giveaway!

I received these amazing Montagne Jeunesse face mask.

The Montagne Jeunesse masks smell so delicious that I almost feel like eating them. I can't wait to try one out tonight! I will write up a thorough review once I've tried them out. Delicious smelling and natural: I have a good feeling about these. I love face masks and have been wearing a lot of them to moisturize my skin and to give me that healthy glow. The extra moisture really helps to control my oil, which in turn prevents breakouts.

I have been using this Erosa Gold Crystal Collagen Mask lately, but I am running out. My mom bought them when she was in Asia, so once I'm out there is no getting more. These collagen masks are a pain to open and to work with, but they are pretty moisturizing. I'm concerned about the "skin whitening" effect it claims to have though. I personally don't like anything whitening because I feel like they weaken the skin. I have not seen any whitening so I can only assume they're exaggerating. To be safe though, I never wear these before sun exposure.

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping the Montagne Jeunesse masks are good. They are affordable, smell wonderful and they never test on animals! I will definitely keep everyone updated.

Disclaimer: I bought the JewelMint jewelry myself. The Montagne Jeunesse masks and Lovemode dress were sent to me for review consideration. I am not being paid for this post. Per usual, everything is my honest opinion.


  1. I love those masks!! Im a face mask junkie, I love trying all of them!

  2. Eugenia, me too! What's better than lying back and relaxing while your face gets beautified!