Frownies Review

Frownies are simple: You peel them off and put them on your face where you have expression lines. You basically glue cardboard onto your face to keep yourself from making expressions - thus eliminating expression lines.

The first time I tried Frownies, I didn't do it right. Instead of removing expression lines, the edge of my Frownies left a mark on my face. (Bound to happen when sleep with cardboard glued to your face.) Those marks quickly went away within the day, but that got me thinking: What about the actual effect of Frownies? They should be the same. They keep you from furrowing your eyebrows and making expressions that will scrunch your skin together so your skin stays flat and straight. Just like how the marks on your face go away, the effects of Frownies probably will too.

I read this comment on Purse Forum: "Your lines seem gone when the Frownie first gets taken off in the morning. The lines return during the day. Over weeks and months I think the muscles relax and/or you learn not "clench" them when you focus your eyes or squint."

Of course I can't confirm that because I never actually got my Frownies to work. It is such a hassle to put it on correctly and to peel it off. Taking if off can be so painful sometimes. I can't deal with these things long enough to see any real effect.

Bottom line: not worth it.

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  1. LOL i love your 'bottom line'. yah this does sound ridiculous.

  2. haha yea, what was I thinking when I bought it?

  3. LOL, interesting concept.. but yea a little ridiculous! But then again, if I saw these somewhere I would probably buy them too just to try it out!

  4. Great idea in theory but doesn't sound practical.

    I guess if you were going to a fancy dress party as lady gaga they could be put to good use.
    peg x

  5. Peg, your comment is so funny!! Thanks for trying the Frownies out, Katherine. I certainly would have bought them since I thought I remembered that some celebrities used them. Thanks for saving me the money! :-)

  6. Ya those frownies sound like a pain! I've considered them before though because I have a deep wrinkle forming verically across the top of my cheekbone from my cheek smooshing up when I sleep. I try to sleep on my back but always end up on my side smooshing it up still....maybe I should just glue some carboard to my wrinkle at night/ LOL

  7. Sorry your experience was not the same as the thousands of other men and women that want an affordable method of reversing the elevens between the eyes or the horizontal line on the forehead. Frownies facial patches when used properly do reverse and stop the lines. As well and some women say better that injections. Truthfully if it is around the mouth it is more difficult to get used to but the forehead is so easy and it works. Raquel Welch wrote about them in her book and I am taking her word for it. Even Kris Jenner and the Kardachian clan is talking about how easy they are.

  8. @PerilouslyPale I have some Frownies left that I probably won't try again. Would you like to give it a try to see if you have better luck with it? Let me know and I can send it to you.

    @Anonymous 5/11/2011
    I'm sorry that I couldn't get your product to work for me and that you don't like my opinion of your product. If you are looking for someone who loves Frownies the way you want and will only say all those good things about it... why don't you try talking to those thousands of people and Kris Jenner? There will always be people who love AND hate your product.